Green Bullets. (whatever next)

  SLAYER 11:06 17 Sep 2006

Spotted on the front page of the Sunday Times under the headline:Watch out sarge! Its environmentally friendly fire.

Seemingly BAE Systems, one of the worlds biggest arms manufacturers is designing green ammunition.Lead free bullets and rockets with reduced toxins because and I quote,can harm the environment and a risk to people.
Could we not go a little bit further? How about opposing armies throwing balloons filled with water or flour, or only have wars in snowy countries and lob snowballs.

Methinks the possibilities are endless for environmental and risk free wars.

  bremner 11:14 17 Sep 2006

How about we settle wars with a game of "Environmental It,s a knockout"

  Forum Editor 11:16 17 Sep 2006

there's a serious side to this. Modern amunition can indeed pollute the environment, and any move by arms manufacturers to improve the situation is going to be welcomed by the people who have to live in and farm the land after the conflict is over.

  Mr Mistoffelees 11:21 17 Sep 2006

Handbags at dawn over the Israeli security wall???

  spuds 11:44 17 Sep 2006

It's alright to jest over a subject like this, but as rightly stated, its the aftermath, when everyone fighting the battle as packed up and gone.

Look what happened in Vietnam, when thousands of tonnes of toxin was sprayed onto the land. Look at the rusting nuclear hulks lying abandon in the old soviet union, adding further risk and pollution to seas, people and creatures living or trying to survive in these regions.

Do a simple check, on how many people are maimed daily, by some material left behind after a conflict, and I would guarantee that the figures are extremely high. Would you fancy sending your child out for a bucket of 'drinking' water, and that child never returns, or perhaps has to undertake serious medical correction work for a shattered limb.

  lisa02 11:56 17 Sep 2006

Any measures to protect the environment are welcomed in my book.

  wee eddie 14:19 17 Sep 2006

That armour piercing shells are coated in "Depleted Uranium" which vapourises on as it passes through the armour allowing the rest of the shell to do it's damage behind the armour.

The vapour then re-condenses, leaving a radioactive patch wherever this has happened.

Any substitute for this would be helpful.

  SLAYER 15:10 17 Sep 2006

lighten up

  wolfie3000 15:51 17 Sep 2006

environmentally friendly bullets?

How about consentrating on not having wars so no bullets need to be fired?

  lisa02 16:00 17 Sep 2006

Whether wars happen or not, bullets will still need to be made - it's the threat of war that makes democracy a success. The 'greener' the production the better.

  1minute 16:36 17 Sep 2006

Any projectile fired from small arms, heavey weapons or artillery will have some impact on the area it falls or hits, apart from the target itself. Spent ammunition can be a danger to both man & animals, the idea around some of the greener munitions is that they will decompose better than current shell casings that take years to fall apart and therefore stay dangerous for longer. At the moment on most Military ranges any spent ammunition that is still live has to be dealt by an ATO (Ammunition Technical Officer - The Bomb Squad in civey speak) to make sure it is safe and if needed blown up!

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