Greedy Amazon...

  tenplus1 14:50 14 Jun 2008

It's annoying how Amazon Re-seller's are getting the short end of the stick when they want to sell their wares...

It's fine that Amazon take a percentage from the overall price to cover hosting your item and selling it through their site, no problem... but... When they start taking a cut from the postage prices that's taking it too far...

If your selling an item cheap you need the postage price to make sure it gets to the customer and if Amazon grab a percentage of that, then you either have to send it 2nd class and hope it gets there, ..or.. pay the additional from your own pocket...

Greedy Amazon... be happy with your cut from the item price, leave the postage alone...

  bremner 14:57 14 Jun 2008

Are you forced to use Amazon?

  tenplus1 15:06 14 Jun 2008

Yes, I'm held at gunpoint and ordered to sell books & cd's on Amazon until I reach a quota, and only then will they release me...

seriously, it's the easiest way I can find to rid myself of items and tidy house without having to pay for the advert... It's just strange that they take a cut from postage when they know you need that to send the item to the customer...

  tullie 15:40 14 Jun 2008

Unless you are making lots off money,use the bin.

  spuds 15:49 14 Jun 2008

Considering that I purchase a number of low priced CD's from Market Place sellers per month, I am more that satisfied with the service provided. Never had any problems with the £1.25 postage/handling charge, and the sellers seem likewise.

Now perhaps going to the other extreme, try eBay. Nothing like having a seller request £3.00 or more postage for a second class stamp and a flimsy brown envelope.

  pj123 16:16 14 Jun 2008

As spuds says.

Try eBay. Set your own postage, which I am told, includes the packaging material, the labour in packing it and then the trip to the Post Office or Courier.

I have sometimes paid £5 or more for postage only to find when the item arrives the actual stamp value is less than £1.

But that's the way eBay works. You bid knowing full well what the postage costs are.

eBay only take a percentage of the actual final auction price, not the postage.

When I sell on eBay I try to give a realistic price for postage. I have a set of postal scales which gives me a good idea of the postage rate but I still have to get/buy boxes, bubblewrap, sticky tape etc.

Of course, when I buy from eBay I get lots of packaging, which I keep.

  rickf 16:44 14 Jun 2008

Paypal is the same. It calculates the percentage on the whole amount including the postage. I agree its really greedy.

  barca1 16:52 14 Jun 2008

tenplus1" yep there greedy,nice little earners they have & to charge on postage is a insult,the thing that frustrates me is that when you contact these companies they give you ALWAYs sucha " Texbook" answer we are robots (click here) there is no individuality anymore & although they deal with thousands of people they shouldnt be such a "conservative" reply..they are cheesey as a "Mozzarella Avalanche"..i just wish there was another way to deal with these companies

  spuds 17:18 14 Jun 2008

I make many purchases from eBay sellers, and have the option (on most sales) of paying through PayPal, Personal Cheque or Cash on Collection. You use to be able to pay via Nochex, but PayPal stopped this. All those methods of payment have advantages or disadvantages for the buyer and/or seller, depending on how you look at it.

Amazon, PayPal and Nochex are all commercial business's, and are run as such. If anyone doesn't agree with the terms and condition laid out before making an agreement, then the best solution is to find alternative ways of disposing of goods.

Going back on my earlier post, most of my CD's cost 1p plus £1.24 postage/handling charge. I have never had a Market Place seller complain.The one's that I have dealt with, have been very accommodating. In fact I would say that some sellers make absolutely no profits at all on some sales.At least they may have a wider audience for more expensive items to supply in the long term.

Another point regarding charges, because postage is a service, then VAT will or may well apply on final invoice.

Perhaps worth mentioning, yesterday I received an email from PayPal regarding their PayPal Policy terms and condition changes from 9 July 2008.

I'll get my coat now ;o)

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