Seth Haniel 10:14 08 Apr 2009

as another airport jumps on money bandwagon....

Luton Airport is to introduce a £1 charge for dropping off passengers at its terminal building.

Motorists will have to pay the levy to spend up to 10 minutes in the airport's refurbished drop-off zone.

Last year it brought in a £1 fee to use its trolleys, while the same amount is also charged for the clear plastic bags used to take liquids through security.

The airport said passengers could be dropped off at the mid-term car park to catch a shuttle bus to avoid the fee.

The levy will be enforced by barriers at the drop-off zone's exit.
BBC News today

  canarieslover 10:33 08 Apr 2009

As the recession bites deeper the number of passengers will diminish and the airport will still need a similar amount of money to run, so the fewer passengers will have to be milked more. The Government does the same thing when unemployment increases, those who are still employed have to pay more to support the rest. Its not really greed, its just an economic requirement to pay the bills.

  dagnammit 10:42 08 Apr 2009

Airport travel was never gonna stay cheap for long regardless of a recession or not.

  Grey Goo 10:48 08 Apr 2009

Problem solved
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  Mike D 16:51 08 Apr 2009

It was like that last Easter at Birmingham. When we were dropped off the taxi driver had to pay to get into the drop off zone.

  wolfie3000 17:37 08 Apr 2009

I always find it ironic that after spending hundreds of pounds on flights people then moan about paying £1.

  perpetual motion 18:09 08 Apr 2009

Greay Goo..NICE!!...lool

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