Greece 'Nearly Out Of Cash'

  Autoschediastic 00:10 13 Sep 2011

just four weeks left and Greece would of ran out of money, America a few weeks ago but saved for a short while by adding a plaster over a gaping wound now Greece? where has all the money gone? will they get yet another bailout?

Story Here

  Quickbeam 00:14 13 Sep 2011

Don't ask me, I certainly haven't got it!

  Forum Editor 00:19 13 Sep 2011

"where has all the money gone?"

There's a fairly obvious answer to that - it's been spent.

"will they get yet another bailout?"

That remains to be seen. If Greece receives further EU assistance it is likely that it will come with very strict conditions attached - one of which will be that the government will be expected to introduce more stringent economic reforms. That will almost certainly result in civil unrest and demonstrations, which will further undermine confidence in the country's ability to deal with its crisis.

It's like watching a slow motion train crash.

  Autoschediastic 00:36 13 Sep 2011

QB lol i laughed so much at that!

FE i was been curious, i knew it had been spent but it seems it dont matter how many Billions these struggling countries receive they seem to spend them in no time then are back at the door begging for more money.? they has to be a time when the door stays shut surely.?

  lotvic 00:44 13 Sep 2011

My doors are shut and locked, but then again I've already run out of money so they're too late.

  Autoschediastic 00:57 13 Sep 2011

lovic trust me when i say this we are NOT far behind you! i dont think we have ever struggled like we are doing and i see almost everyone the same one of my best mates has worked for the same company for a few years and he said there is hardly any incentive to be in work anymore...he has two young kids and has to travel to work & he is having to cut right back on his mulitmedia package from virgin and other luxuries..

Surly this is almost a depression and not a recession? if not it aint far away..

  sunnystaines 06:46 13 Sep 2011

debt weather at home or for a nation once you get in deep its hard to get out.

from docs on tv and articles in the press i have the opinion that greek collection of tax is a complete farce. They need a complete overhall also all their benefits pensions etc.

perhaps a change of country name from greece to cuckooland.

  interzone55 09:27 13 Sep 2011

Greece has many problems, and so has the US.

Both countries are running out of cash, one is funding a couple of large military campaigns and the other is funding a bone idle public sector.

Neither country wants to cut spending & neither country is willing to put up taxes.

As FE said, it's like watching a slow motion train crash, unfortunately it's one with profound global consequences

  morddwyd 09:29 13 Sep 2011

Don't worry, the good old British taxpayer will bail them out, via EU funds, again.

(and please don't refer me to politicians who swear on their mother's grave that Britain won't contribute any more)

  Autoschediastic 12:46 13 Sep 2011

Imho (Unless im corrected) i see all these hundreds of Billions (numbers we cant start to imagine) been pushed around and taxes getting created or increased by the UK and all the other counties around the world, the goverments are very desperate to start a stalled economy and i just think increasing taxes for the low income and on Energy/fuel/s isnt going to work it just hurts people who are struggling, Greece for instance i read last night that they are E340 Billion in Debt? how can you start to calculate such a sum? for such a small country?

"Greece's proposed tax hikes and spending cuts have been deeply unpopular with the Greek public" well of cause they will be they have undergone a Phenomenon of tax increases over the last couple of years and i strongly think Greece will have to leave the Euro and it could well be the Beginning of the end for the Euro & what a mess that would be & just think of ALL the thousands of Billions the European Union has had in its hands and Failed...

  Autoschediastic 13:02 13 Sep 2011

This has just been released on the BBC news: Read Here

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