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  TopCat® 14:25 23 Feb 2008

Having a quiet search around for the answer to Brumas's latest poser I happened to drop into this remarkable website that does impress me. click here It is a researcher's pictorial and factual dream on the history of London and its famous sites and people, and I'm finding it truly fascinating. It now ranks high on my list of memorable websites which I can peruse at my leisure.

I happened to live in London in the sixties and, through the rush and pressures of work, and to some degree a touch of ignorance, never seemed to notice the wealth of history on virtually every street. I very much regret this now but fortunately I can now catch up at this website. I hope you will find it as enlightening and useful as well. TC.

  carmichy 15:09 23 Feb 2008

you got it right there I can also link your remark to Legolas on his "isn't Technology wonderful" I have found many wonderful and amazing web pages just from perusing PCAdvisor forums

  Forum Editor 15:20 23 Feb 2008

that's what you call a website.

I drive across Blackfriars Bridge pretty regularly, and Ludgate Circus is a very familiar sight. I'll look at it with new eyes now - if I can snatch a second from concentrating on the bus in front of me, and the six black cabs riding inches from either side of the car.

  Clapton is God 16:19 23 Feb 2008

The first reference I happened to look at was Cannon Street station and it left me totally underwhelmed. The site says:

"For a start just look at the photograph above. Where is the style? Where is the reason to do any more than just dash onto the platform for your train"

Er, this is the middle of the City - that's exactly what thousands of people do each day whilst dashing to and from their offices. They don't need or want a "reason to do any more than just dash onto the platform for your train".

I certainly didn't during the 25 years that I used Cannon Street and other stations in the City.

  Forum Editor 16:37 23 Feb 2008

The man who runs the site obviously has a love of the area that goes beyond the average. The fact is, there is a huge amount of history in the City of London if you know where to look, and what to look at.

As one man's tribute to the place I think it's a pretty impressive achievement.

  sunny staines 16:44 23 Feb 2008

when i was at school we had to research the history of our town and surrounding towns its a shame its not done anymore.

i had to research feltham inc hanwoth, ashford, sunbury,heathrow, staines. could have done with these type webs back in the 60's

  €dstowe 16:59 23 Feb 2008


I clicked on Fleet Street as I've some appointments at the High Court and the London Court of Arbitration next week and first week in March. I'll look at the area properly now (having seen it very regularly in the past but never having "seen" it, if you follow my drift)

  TopCat® 18:31 23 Feb 2008

He's the owner of the above website and his observations on the ugliest buildings blighting his beloved central London remind me of similar architectoral criticisms made by a certain Royal personage who is very close to the Queen. As an example, have a look at 'Battleships in Holborn Viaduct' from the Hideous Buildings section - click here - hope this link works direct. I also like the continuing link at the bottom where here he 'thought' the whole lot was set to be demolished!

He has strong opinions on this subject and is not afraid to express them. He does so in such an amusing way that one can't help but to agree with him. I find him very informative and readable and compliment him highly on the massive task he undertook in building his website. TC.

  Forum Editor 19:01 23 Feb 2008

a bad photographer, either.

  Clapton is God 19:10 23 Feb 2008

"The man who runs the site obviously has a love of the area that goes beyond the average"

Indeed so.

Having looked more closely at the site and provided a link to it for friends, it's an excellent site to browse around.

The links and photos of the wide variety of drinking establishments in the City bring back many happy memories for me (hic). ;-))

  bluto1 19:49 23 Feb 2008

What a fantastic site, a lot for everyone put together by one or more people and shared with us.

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