great song, shame not for the children.

  rdave13 00:19 21 May 2011

Having been relentlessly 'forced' to listen to Radio 1 at work, this song really makes me want to lsten to it again. Not just the 'whistle ditty' that's repeated but some 'home truths' about my long lost youth flowing in the melody. Be warned, not for the little people, and if FE deems this post not acceptible and deletes it, then fair enough.

Bruno Mars.


  Quickbeam 01:03 21 May 2011

Why are those chimps tolerating the singing monkey?

  rdave13 01:06 21 May 2011

Possibly the monkey is paying for the tune...

  zzzz999 05:38 21 May 2011

I bet that took a lot of 'cuts'

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