The great global warming swindle.

  Legolas 11:24 13 Mar 2007

Did anyone see the The Great Global Warming Swindle what an eye opener. It proved to me that we are not to blame for any warming there might be of the Planet due to CO2 emissions.

They proved that rather than co2 driving global warming it was the other way round. Ice cores going back thousands of years showed that it is common for the planet to heat up and cool down at regular intervals. The graph showed the correlation between co2 and the planet warming up but opposite from what we are being led to believe. It showed that the planet warmed up and then the co2 emissions rose on average about 800 years later.

This is caused because the oceans are the biggest emitter of co2 around 95% of co2 emissions come from the ocean. When the oceans heat up they release the trapped co2 so as the planet heats up caused by changes in the Suns condition it releases the co2, as the oceans are so vast this can take a long time to show up hence the 800 years time lapse, the science in this programme proved to me that we are not driving global warming with our co2 emissions global warming is caused by our sun.

If you get a chance to see this programme take it what an eye opener. As one scientist said if your car wont work you don't ignore the engine (the sun)and blame a wheel nut (our c02 emissions.)

There was much more proof in the programme than I can mention here as I said it is well worth seeing.

  wellshgit 11:30 13 Mar 2007

Yes I watched last night and agree with you 100%

  provider 2 15:08 13 Mar 2007

I also was impressed by the evidence presented to refute the popular ideas. The comment that the best way to get funding for research these days is to claim your project is somehow related to global warming seemed particularly true.

There seems to have been very little reaction to the programme, though.

  egapup 15:22 13 Mar 2007

Why have'nt the papers picked up on it, suppose they dont like good news. CO2 must be good for making money.

  egapup 15:22 13 Mar 2007

Why have'nt the papers picked up on it, suppose they dont like good news. CO2 must be good for making money.

  Legolas 15:34 13 Mar 2007

Yes it does seem strange that there is not more coverage of this programme but it is not in vogue at the moment to blame global warming in anything else but our co2 emissions it amazes me that all the media and governments alike have swallowed this on very shaky science largely disproved by this programme.

I thought the ice core research showing that global warming actually drives co2 emissions rather than what we are all led to believe that our co2 emissions drives global warming was a piece of genius.

  TOPCAT® 16:54 13 Mar 2007

Here's a link to an article published on 4th March that gives a descriptive review of what's in store in the documentary. Sorry I missed it! TC.

click here

  Joe R 17:14 13 Mar 2007

Could it be a covert way of raising taxes.?
Surely our government, (and others) wouldn't stoop so low.! :)

  six-h 17:17 13 Mar 2007

I too watched the programme and feel that there is much behind the global warming hysteria that is both sinister government manipulation for financial gain and also to protect the western world's lifestyle at the expense of the third world. Western governments live in increasing fear that the rest of the world may just get some of what we've been enjoying for the last 50 odd years, and they don't like it.I think the whole thing stinks.

  Stuartli 17:24 13 Mar 2007

See, for instance:

click here

click here

  Legolas 17:39 13 Mar 2007

Im glad most of the postees so far seem to agree with me I was expecting to be shot down in flames as the view that something other than our co2 emissions are causing global warming is unpopular.

I did always have a healthy suspicion about the popular views on global warming and the programme just put flesh on the bones of my suspicions.

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