The great custard disaster.

  robgf 20:03 07 Aug 2010

While getting my dinner tonight, I decided to have bananas with custard for desert. While walking to the dining table with a bowl of steaming custard, I somehow managed to catch the bowl on the table edge.

Results, hot (very hot) custard down my jeans and over my slippers, a big puddle on the carpet, a generous splash up the curtains and my magic bean plant liberally watered with custard.

Tricky to know which problem to tackle first, as I stood dripping custard on the carpet. Only the banana lay untouched by custard.

  Clapton is God 20:06 07 Aug 2010

You're obviously not rushing to decide "which problem to tackle first" if you felt it more important to post here first.

  lotvic 20:07 07 Aug 2010

A new twist on the old Banana Skin slip ;@)

  MAJ 20:12 07 Aug 2010

I like bananas, I like custard, not sure about the combination though, robgf, at least now I know to call in the HSE before trying it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:12 07 Aug 2010

Its obvious what to tackle first

Eat the banana

  tullie 20:23 07 Aug 2010

If you havent decided yet. click here

  robgf 20:27 07 Aug 2010

I did sort out the problem first before posting ;)

I decided on changing my jeans first and by the time I returned my girlfriends dog had done a pretty good cleaning job on the carpet (don't buy a Vax, use a dog)

  Blackhat 23:22 07 Aug 2010

Reminds me of a rather unforgettable Christmas day a few years ago.

First thing was that Father Christmas had taken my garden fence in the night (bad storm).

We were having roast duck for main dinner. During cooking, took duck out to check if fully cooked, was OK so tried moving it to plate for cutting, damned thing slid across work surface and only just managed to save it from floor landing.

Meal ready and on tray, (we eat on the sofa) so walking from kitchen to lounge with Mrs B’s Christmas dinner, caught foot on step from kitchen to lounge and launched duck and all off tray straight into Mrs B’s lap. (didn’t think to shout ‘duck’).

One meal ruined I gave up my meal and had a sandwich with leftovers. We retired to bed for an afternoon nap. Woken soon after by a worrying rumble sound from front bedroom. Lath & plaster ceiling had fallen in due to leaking roof.

We have eaten out on Christmas day ever since.

  morddwyd 07:58 08 Aug 2010

With a disabled wife who still insists on cooking lunch, God bless her, and my own macula degeneration problems, such an incident would not count as a disaster in our house.

That's just normal, if not day to day then week to week, living!

  BT 08:06 08 Aug 2010

Bananas and Custard - lovely!!

  sunnystaines 09:01 08 Aug 2010

you need one of these

click here

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