A Grant Too Far

  Jak_1 17:11 15 Sep 2007

Pregnant mothers to be given a cash reward for being Pregnant!

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Pardon me but isn't being pregnant a condition not an illness and is done by choice, bad planning or bad education! Why when people with life threatening cancers are being denied life saving drugs are women to be given this grant!
How many young women/girls will use that money for other means other than the unborn child! Call me cynical but I bet there will be many thousands who will spend that money on drugs and alcohol (yes I know alcohol is a drug) and think nothing of the unborn child!
Those that do think of the unborn child usually eat healthily anyway. Whoever dreampt this one up needs their head testing!

  Forum Editor 17:12 15 Sep 2007

needs their head testing!"

For once I have nothing to add, except 'I agree'.

  Jak_1 17:13 15 Sep 2007

Thanks FE, I couldn't believe it when I read it!

  Bingalau 17:14 15 Sep 2007

Stop the World, I want to get off.

  spuds 17:52 15 Sep 2007

The powers in being have already admitted that the fruit and veg grant will take a lot of persuasion or enforcing. Then there's all the extra staff to implement the scheme (think reduced unemployment figures).

Perhaps McDonalds vouchers may have been a wiser decision, at least the government may have been able to purchased these on a discount basis, so making the tax payers money go that little further ;o)

  Marko797 18:06 15 Sep 2007

Should you get a benefit for being pregnant?
Sun, 09 Sep 2007 09:29:51 BST

Pregnant women in England will be entitled to a £200 lump sum to spend on healthy food, in government plans to be announced on Wednesday.

From April 2009, expectant mums could have the benefit paid in the 29th week of their pregnancy.

  spuds 18:25 15 Sep 2007

At least it may match the old age pensioners cold weather payment ;o)

  VoG II 19:20 15 Sep 2007

A 'lump sum' seems entirely appropriate to me ;o)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:41 15 Sep 2007


  Totally-braindead 21:55 15 Sep 2007

I think its nonsense too. Sadly couldn't read the article so haven't the full story but I can't see the point of this at all.

Its just another waste of money as far as I am concerned.

  Earthsea 22:16 15 Sep 2007

I've been trying to think of something positive to say but I can't - it's a stupid idea.

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