Granny on the attack

  ordep 15:43 08 Feb 2011

Watch granny wade in to these losers.

click here

  onthelimit 15:49 08 Feb 2011
  johndrew 16:42 08 Feb 2011

Good for her. Noticeable lack of young fit adults running to assist before she defeated the thugs!!!

  Forum Editor 17:04 08 Feb 2011

There is of course the possibility that the 'young fit adults' you criticise saw the sledghammers that the robbers were carrying, and used their commonsense.

The jewellery store is insured against robbery, a blow on the head with a heavy hammer from a panicking robber could result in permanent disability, if not death.

The old lady no doubt reacted without thinking, and yes, it certainly took courage, but she came very close to being hit; I have no doubt that her 'old lady' status saved her from harm. As the Police constantly say, the last thing anyone should do is risk life and limb for the sake of a few insured watches.

  Chegs ®™ 18:48 08 Feb 2011

I was amazed at this "old ladys" courage & often wish others would demonstrate similar courage but as FE said "the last thing anyone should do is risk life and limb for the sake of a few insured watches."

  ordep 07:43 09 Feb 2011

More light has been shed on the lady's motive's. It seems she thought one of the youths was being set upon by the other 3.
She apparently was unaware it was a robbery taking place.

  Forum Editor 08:16 09 Feb 2011

That makes her action a bit more understandable. I think that a lot of people would, like the lady in question, go to the aid of someone who was being attacked.

There's something in us that makes us instinctively want to help another person in such circumstances. Not all of us, but most of us I think - or am I wrong?

  peter99co 09:16 09 Feb 2011

"Her motherly instinct kicked in" and she said she would probably do it again.

  johndrew 10:28 09 Feb 2011

". commonsense ."

Common sense dictates and the simple rule of physics that says that if a sledge hammer was being swung it will move relatively slowly and a young fit adult would easily be capable of judging its direction and speed more easily than an older person.

I think the situation that evolved was more to do with the attitude of the older generation who are less tolerant of such behaviour and far more likely to risk 'harms way' by doing something about it rather than having a 'not my problem' philosophy. Or perhaps, as my parents would have said, 'It's the way you are brought up'.

This shows in other ways within society as well.

  spuds 10:44 09 Feb 2011

You are possibly right, because the older generation were taught that certain things were wrong, and a clip around the ears, or showing of a cane or belt was the reward for misbehavior.

Nowadays, to even touch or shout at a child or teenager might lead to arrest and prosecution, no matter how bad they are, or what deed they had done :O(

  Forum Editor 11:19 09 Feb 2011

If I wanted to hit you with a sledgehammer I could do it, regardless of your knowledge of the laws of physics.

There are thousands of recorded instances of it happening.

As I said in my earlier post, this woman almost certainly acted without thinking when she thought one person was being attacked by three others, and many people would have done the same thing. I think it has less to do with the way you were brought up, and more to to with a human being's innate sense of the unfair.

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