Graham Norton

  ulrich 19:28 07 Oct 2006

For once I disagree with the BBC. I can't say I have watched or like G Norton. His intelligence shows itself now, so hopefully he will be gone from our screens.

  Cymro. 19:33 07 Oct 2006

Am I missing out on something? What has Graham Norton done then? and what have the B.B.C. done?

  ulrich 19:47 07 Oct 2006

He admits enjoying drugs such as ecstasy, cocaine etc. Have we not enough problems on this.

  lisa02 19:54 07 Oct 2006

He shouldn't have even got his first show on channel 4. Remember that trash?

  Cymro. 20:16 07 Oct 2006

I would have thought he was old enough to know better. He must be pushing 80 by now? That's showbis for you.

  ed-0 20:18 07 Oct 2006

and for the BBC to say these comments were for an adult audience and are his ( graham Snortham ) views, not theirs.

  RussG 20:19 07 Oct 2006

Lets face it, society has capitulated on the drugs issue. The recent uproar around Kate Moss has only given her more exposure, raised her profile and given her more work. I expect Norton thinks the same, nothing he does will affect his profile because he is already about as outragous as he can be. Personally I can't stand him and don't find him funny, so never watch his shows. It does amaze me though that he gets on prime time TV when families are watching as his whole style is based on inuendo (which as benny Hill used to say " I thought that was an Italian seppository").

  Forum Editor 23:16 07 Oct 2006

I can't stand him, and nothing he says would surprise me. He's popular however, and should have had enough sense to realise that with such popularity comes the need to be very careful about pronouncing on controversial subjects.

Careers have been seriously damaged by similar gaffes.

  wolfie3000 06:38 08 Oct 2006

FE Richard bacon springs to mind (Blue peter)

Now an MP

didnt see that one coming.

  €dstowe 07:28 08 Oct 2006

Not the same Richard Bacon.

click here

click here

  Altruist 08:03 08 Oct 2006

I can't stand him or Kate Moss whether they snort or not. Sad but predictable.

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