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  SparkyJack 11:52 15 Mar 2011

I received this morning the V11 form to retax the car.
I have carried this out over the recent years - on line.
The current car I have had for a year- which was taxed in my name when purchased.
So onto the web site I go.
Tick the have I got and do I comprehend boxes Yes.
Enter the vehicle Reference number [ie - the registration number.
What is the response?
'Sorry we do not have the details for this car.'
Hmm- does that mean I cas run tax free?
You betcha I cant
Anyway as I have as stated the V11 with all the detail- they must have- mustn't they?

  SparkyJack 12:01 15 Mar 2011

I was tyoing in the reg number wasn't I
Instead of the Ref number- All done now current account emptied ,

  wiz-king 12:35 15 Mar 2011

If you had tried earlier in the week it would have told you cant do it more than a fortnight in advance, which is fine unless you are going on a three week holiday at the end of the month when you want to tax it.

  Colin 15:33 15 Mar 2011

wiz-king, you can do it from the 5th day of the month in which it's due.

click here

  finerty 16:06 15 Mar 2011

I did mine at the Post Office in the afternoon surprisingly no one was there queuing up

  spuds 17:03 15 Mar 2011

The last time I used the 'pay your vehicle tax' website, it refused the credit card details. But a nice lady on the telephone took all the same details and the card was accepted. Apparently this procedure is not unknown?.

Just as easy now for me to support our local Post Office again, and keep the staff in employment.

  interzone55 17:08 15 Mar 2011

Such a shame that post offices have their lowest staffing levels at times when workers can use them.

The branch nearest my work place - half a mile walk down the canal tow path - is chocka between 12 & 1pm with people renewing tax discs, or with arms full of odd shaped ebay parcels for delivery.

Which is why I pay for my tax online & buy stamps at the supermarket, and only visit the post office once in a blue moon when I need to send something recorded delivery...

  spuds 09:35 16 Mar 2011

The Pensions website was just the same ;o(

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