Government urged to consider banning strikes!

  Autoschediastic 09:22 06 Aug 2010

Now its becoming such a country where we cant's say what we want, we cant do anything without the goverment dictating too us & now this..Dear or dear Tut tut..

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  Legolas 21:30 08 Aug 2010

I read beyond the headline and I can't see that it changes anything re Autoschediastic comments, if the government decide to ban strikes for essential services then I am sure it will be them that decide what is an essential service ergo most strikes will suddenly fall under that guise. It is the thin end of the wedge and something that the working man has fought and at times died for namely the right to strike will have been very much eroded.

  Strawballs 22:16 08 Aug 2010

We certainly don't want to go back to the bad old days of wildcat strikes at the drop of a hat which were not very democratic with just a show of hands which usually involed intimidation but it would be wrong to ban the system we have now with postal ballots run by the electral reform society

  Forum Editor 23:04 08 Aug 2010

that it should be illegal for workers involved in the delivery of essential services to take strike action.

It's just that - a suggestion, made by one group of people. It's quite ludicrous to suggest that the government (should it decide to follow the suggestion) would decide that "most strikes will suddenly fall under that guise".

It's also ludicrous that one small group of people should be in a position to hold the country to ransom, should they decide to withdraw their labour and bring say, the fire service, or the country's ambulances to a grinding halt. That situation gives a Union an unfair advantage over the rest of us, and is no more 'right' than having no voice at all.

We're in a mess, and we have to work our way out of it - all of us have to do it, or it won't work. That means we have to have the maturity to try to understand each others point of view, and if Union leaderships are to continue to adopt the approach that their members are somehow different from the rest of us when it comes to negotiating over pay there will be major strife. That situation could wipe out any progress that had been made, and must be avoided if at all possible.

"The working man" is an anachronism in today's world - for one thing we have working women, and for another we're all working men and women. I'm a working man, just as much as a bus driver or a doctor. The last thing we need right now is people talking as if we're still in the 1960's.

  Strawballs 23:16 08 Aug 2010

You say we are in a mess at the moment yes but it was the private sector the banks that got us there so why is it the public sector that has to do the suffering to get us out of it while the bankers carry on paying themselves the big bonuses

  Strawballs 23:21 08 Aug 2010

further more the banks held us to ransom "if you don't bail us out the ecconomy will collapse without us" which is true and they know it if that had been any other industry or group of companies they would have been left to go under!!!!! ie steel, car builders, mining most of shipbuilding

  Forum Editor 23:46 08 Aug 2010

It wasn't "the private sector the banks that got us there", it was us, the people who spent more than we were earning, and borrowed more than we could afford who got us there. It's handy to blame those big, bad bankers for everything, but if ordinary people hadn't been greedy, and fallen over each other to take out mortgages and loans that were way beyond their ability to repay, the banks would have had nobody to lend the money to.

The banks weren't left to go under because if they had we would be in even bigger trouble than we are now - there would have been a worldwide economic depression that would have made our present problems look like a walk in the park.

We're in a mess because we rode the crest of a boom economy wave as if there was no tomorrow. Tomorrow has come however, and now we must face the music. Blaming each other for what happened achieves absolutely nothing - we're all in this together, whether we like it or not

  Strawballs 23:55 08 Aug 2010

The banks lent the money to people that they should not really have they are by no means blameless.

As for the point about not letting the banks go under, as I said no way could they have been left to go under our ecconomy would have collapsed and they know that. It does not matter how bad they perform they can not be left to go under as I said in my post of 23:21 I think banks should be public owned so when they are making huge profits the country will benefit rather than having to just shell out when they are not.

  WhiteTruckMan 23:59 08 Aug 2010

here we go again, talking about rights. Funny how so many people are in favour of rights, but seem to conveniently overlook the responsibilities that go with these rights.


  Strawballs 01:50 09 Aug 2010

Everybody on both sides of evey disputes has responsibilities but some people will not be happy untill we get back to the time before the Tolpuddle Martyrs, who are owed a lot from everyone that works for big buisness

  Kevscar1 06:24 09 Aug 2010

So it's allright for it to be illegal for the police to strike but not fire brigade or ambulance service or hospital staff.

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