The Government and Spending

  ulrich 19:50 27 May 2008

As a 60yr old road user on my M/Cycle and my little Fiesta I would like to see some improvement in the roads but I don't. I have also a small lump on my arm which the doc is going to look at next week as I know I can't leave it, but it frightens me to death that I might have to go to hospital even with all the billions spent on goodness knows what on the NHS.

Then all these killings personally there is one answer more police on the streets, I feel it is pretty obvious. At least we might see it if it happened.

I am tired of the excuses and wan't to see some action not pathetic words of our PM.

  peter99co 20:36 27 May 2008

I want to see a White Flag run up over No. 10

  ulrich 21:24 27 May 2008

I will agree with that.

  ulrich 21:26 27 May 2008

I'm alright jack.

  charmingman 21:26 27 May 2008


This subject on spending & our so called goverment is a massive issue & i complain like hell about the goverment & the tax's imho i see a huge storm brewing for this goverment & they lack of consideration on its people & people thats paid tax's for many decades & see little or no return to show for it..
one other thing ive clearly noticed is that there is more & more people coming out & voicing there concern & oppinions regarding tax's fuel/water/electricity/gas/council tax food in fact everything that we all need everyday where the goverment can raise the price's & offer a lame excuse to the public for the tax...

  Forum Editor 22:56 27 May 2008

for Government to take increasing amounts of money away from the people who have earned it and who want to spend it on their families, even when they divert it instead to abysses of state bureaucracies. This Labour Government has spent four years driving up taxes by stealth. Give them the chance and we would get more of the same. Gordon Brown's taxes are making life hard for millions of people.

Not my words, but those of Conservative Michael Portillo, speaking in May 2001. It's much the same kind of thing that many people are saying now, and they were certainly saying it then. What did we do however, when we all had a chance to cast a vote for another party, just a few weeks later, at a general election?

We voted the Labour government back for another term - that same Labour government about which we were complaining then, and about which lots of people are complaining now. Never mind, we got another chance in May 2005; that was our chance to kick the high-taxing, money-grabbing government out, but hang on a minute, what did we do?

We voted labour back in for another term.

We, the British public certainly are a force to be reckoned with, aren't we? Upset us with your high-taxing, money-grabbing ways and you'll know all about it - we'll vote you back for another four years, so you can do it to us all over again.

  Chegs ®™ 01:50 28 May 2008

Is that you dropping a hint of some kind?

  K_elt 10:38 28 May 2008

The biggest problem is the poor state of the political parties in this country and the lack of real choice for the electorate. Who else could they have voted for?

As it stands, Cameron has made it clear he wants a return to Thatcherism. I don't think this will enable the Tories to win an election. The memories are too recent.

  Stuartli 12:53 28 May 2008

Labour has always been a party of high taxes and high spending - that's why it was only in power for 30 of the previous 100 years before it won the 1997.

The Tories were usually re-elected to put the economy back on track and will be so again.

In 1997 the UK's finances were in good shape with a rising GNP and falling unemployment having been experienced over the previous four or five years.

To the best of my knowledge, the Tories have never devalued the pound nor had inflation levels at a peak of 26.9 per cent (1976) as happened under Labour.

  ulrich 17:29 28 May 2008

Vote for them.

  newman35 18:04 28 May 2008

I may be wrong, but isn't the Forum 'etiquette' that politics and religion should be discussed very carefully and in a non-partisan manner?

Your earlier post (and I agree with much of it) was a bit of a surprise, coming from yourself, as it seems to open up the potential of a party political slanging match.

Apologies if I have misunderstood the 'convention'.

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