Government to sell off more assets

  TopCat® 01:11 12 Oct 2009

Hoping to raise around £16bn to aid our public finances. Would you say this a good move or not? TC. click here

  dagnammit 01:20 12 Oct 2009

Peanuts and not a solution to anything.

  beeuuem 02:11 12 Oct 2009

Selling at the bottom of the market seems to a favourite ploy.
I see that, having sold the only British company that could build nuclear power stations, Mr Brown now wants to sell our share in the company that provides the fuel for them.
Do I see a pattern here?
It is just as well we manufacture wind turbines. Well, we did until the company relocated.

  morddwyd 09:00 12 Oct 2009

Oh Dear! I find myself agreeing wholeheartedly with fourm member.

My world, at least, has indeed turned on its head!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:58 12 Oct 2009

Now listen here Brown, a quick economics lesson old chap.....You can only sell an asset once and owned assets can be used as collateral.
To put this whole charade into some context....the budget deficit for August was, errrrrm £16bn, what is Brown going to flog to cover September's deficit?
Once (and if) sold ,there will be redundancies (rightly or wrongly) and the hapless taxpayer will foot the bill, as usual. The first rule in economics is never sell when the backside is hanging out of your trousers. Ironically, the man has taken his only good eye off the ball, again. This is sheer desperation and panic; anyone who still has some faith in this bunch of Oompa-Loompas running UK PLC, must be having their slavish devotion sorely tried. The fanboy excuses for Nu-Labour are rather thin on the ground now. Brown's financial track record is sadly lacking, flogging gold at a ridiculously low price and then making matters even worse by buying dollars...good move there! Rather worringly, a financial genius who has the 'advice' of many sages and gurus cannot even see a way to run Dartford tunnel, the Tote, Student Loans at a profit, this bodes well for us armchair economists. This really does smell of sheer blind panic.
This will be a fire sale with the consequent low prices. Naturally big business will profit greatly at our expense then I guarantee they will be at the Government's door asking for subsidies and tax payer's money, a la railways.
The £16 billion that MIGHT be raised is a drop in the ocean of financial mess that we are in and I fully expect to be receiving Red Cross food parcels this time, next year. We are in a real mess and much worse is looming on the horizon, prepared to be royally rogered. The UK is begining to feel like one of those ubiquitous 99p shops.
OTOH, three heartening things come from this debacle, the 300 MPs receiving detention letters today must be thanking the Gods for bad news, the Houses of Parliament and The Lords could be sold-MacDonalds, Lidl or Burger King springs to mind and I thought that old witch Thatcher had flogged most of our assets previously.


  jakimo 10:45 12 Oct 2009

Here he goes again, he sells off our gold at the bottom of the market,and now more of the same,is Brown mad...should he be sectioned

  peter99co 11:29 12 Oct 2009

He may not get a chance to see it through if he loses his job.

  Snec 11:37 12 Oct 2009

This is what I wrote on here a few years ago (2005 2006?, can't find the thread) and I remember old FE telling me it was nonsense and that the UK was, in point of fact, in good condition. I tend not to argue with FE because he will just go on at length and I really can't be bothered. But was I right?


Who knows what the future will bring -- on it’s present course it looks a bit grim to me as globally our country cannot compete. The world market does not want our products or our prices. Our manufacturing base is disappearing before our eyes. Currently 2,500 manufacturing jobs are being lost every week. Factories and farms are going out of business daily. The potteries are going to India along with BT’s Directory Inquiries, banks, building societies and customer services from all over the place. And while all this is happening -- thousands of immigrants continue to be allowed to come to the UK. Without production from our factories and farms the future UK is going to be a very poor place indeed. How things have changed from once being an island which supplied everything we needed and exported machinery and produce to all points of the globe in addition. Fortunately I won’t be here when what was the UK finally becomes just an insignificant part of the Dark Continent and you know what, I’m not at all sorry about that.

  ol blueeyes 11:46 12 Oct 2009

Of course apart from the ""peanuts"" that it will raise, it really means more of our assets will probably go abroad.

  jack 12:18 12 Oct 2009

sell offs
What none of you mentioned and I for one cant figure how things slot together.
The Dartford Crossing for example[Which keeps me in doors on Fridays and Bank Holidays- because I cannot get out the end of my road] is run by a French firm anyway- So how can an 'Outsourced' operation be sold?
Some one is already doing it.
Once sold all of those enterprises will no doubt will bre cap in hand for subsidies to run them-Huh!
[did someone already say that?]

  JanetO 12:53 12 Oct 2009

They may call themselves a Labour government, but in reality the last time we had a socilaist government (that was for the majority of the people and not just a select few) was ironically when John Major (a Tory) was in power.

This PM is a fool. He just seems to make one blunder after another. We've been buying and selling 'nothing' for years and that in itself contributed to the financial crash and econimic mess we're in now.

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