Government fuelled hate campaign against all those on benefits ?

  Dragon_Heart 00:34 01 May 2013

I have noticed over the past few months a trend for ministers & MP's who appear to fuel a hate campaign against “ benefit claimants “ almost blaming them for the financial mess the country is in.

Yes some people 'milk' the system for all they can but for the vast majority of claimants they are in need of financial help.

People on benefits are being capped and can do nothing to fight the decisions.

I feel there is already enough unfounded prejudice against the sick, disabled and unemployed without the MP's adding their political motivated views

Do Forum Members feel it is right for MP's to act in this way ?

  bluesbrother 02:39 01 May 2013

Every country has its scapegoats.

It takes the focus of the masses away from the real source of a countries problems.

The people of this country seem willing to swallow any amount of c**p as long as they don't have to think for themselves.

  Kevscar1 04:50 01 May 2013

As a housebound cripple I say yes something needs to be done. Child benefit should be scrapped, if people want to have kids let them pay for them. All other benefits apart from disabilty should be combined and have a limit of £249 per week, just under the minimum wage. Why should people who wont work get more than those who do. What I get would nearly double. Didability needs to be fair despite the fact that I can barely walk 15 - 20 yds I have refused mobility and there is no way we can save the m oney for a custom built scooter which would be needed for meto leave homesafely

  Quickbeam 07:11 01 May 2013

If they'd tackled this nearly 40 years ago when we were a relatively wealthy nation, we'd not have been forced to tackle it during a recession, which would have sweetened the pill.

But it was going to have to be addressed sooner or later, and later brings more hurt.

  Bing.alau 08:56 01 May 2013


I am with you on the child benefit scam, because that is what it is. When you get girls as young as fourteen getting on the bandwagon (getting pregnant) just to get a council house and more money than they have ever dreamed of. Then something is drastically wrong with the system.

Is the minimum wage really as high as £249? How and why has inflation been allowed to run away like that? Also of course if that is the case, why are us pensioners only getting slightly over £100? No wonder we are grumpy old buggers!

  michaelw 09:06 01 May 2013

Quite simply the benefit system has been abused by many for many years. People in this country have done so and people flocking here from overseas also jump on the bandwagon. It takes guts for a government to do something about it.

There's lots of families who have generations who have never worked. Who's paying for it?

Is it okay for parents to churn out kids just because they know each child will reap them even more benefits? A million people have voluntarily come off benefits ahead of the tighter means testing.

No, I think its a good policy, harsh but it will be better for all concerned to stop rewarding those that scrounge off taxpayers.

  kad60 09:09 01 May 2013

Divide and rule,the simplest and oldest political game in town.

  carver 09:52 01 May 2013

"All other benefits apart from disability should be combined and have a limit of £249 per week, just under the minimum wage"

I do not know of many people who get that as a minimum wage, I know of plenty who get the minimum pay per hour.

  Kevscar1 13:29 01 May 2013

from Oct 1st £6.31per hour. 40 hrs = £252.40

  onthelimit1 14:10 01 May 2013

I really don't see why those that choose to sit on their fat backsides get anywhere near as much as someone who works for 40 hrs per week!

  Kevscar1 14:22 01 May 2013

or why those of us that worked for 39 years and can no longer do so through no fault of their own have to survive on £134.50 a week while some who have never worked get £4 - 500

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