Government fuel consumption figures

  Chegs ®™ 14:54 22 Jan 2009

Here in the UK,a lot of people use the fuel consumption figures to influence their choice of car.Unfortunately,these figures are well wide of the mark when it comes to real-world driving.I was just reading 4cars newsletter and came across this article click here where its stated that actual consumption is approximately 10mpg short and the various car emissions should place the car in the next tax band.They are campaigning for a revision of the government figures.Do you agree that these figures need revised(even if it meant paying out more in road fund licence)or are you content to use the figures the government quote?

  canarieslover 15:07 22 Jan 2009

The manner of test for official economy rating is laid down and all manufacturers abide by it. The fact that the tests do not emulate the real world is not the fault of the manufacturers. Just take the official figures as a guide to relative economy of different vehicles. As for emissions the same applies. Whether that should result in higher band Road Tax is another matter. Even the much quoted 'Toyota Prius' would not make it's current tax band if 'real world' figures were used.

  oresome 15:23 22 Jan 2009

The figures provide a comparison between cars undertaking the same set of tests and from that point of view are useful. I don't think many purchasers expect to achieve the actual quoted figures.

I would be concerned if manufacturers produced cars to achieve good results with these tests at the expense of what they could be tuned to achieve in real life situations.........but "real life" is so subjective as to be meaningless. One commuters drive to work can be so far removed from anothers, so I'm not sure it could be done.

  wee eddie 15:29 22 Jan 2009

I feel that if Consumption was rated this way, people would be much more aware of their fuel use.

  interzone55 16:54 22 Jan 2009

"Minutes per Litre"

Utter rubbish. Minutes per litre would depend entirely on your speed.

A minute of idling in a traffic jam would use much less fuel than a minute driving on the motorway.

As canarieslover said, the official figures are based on a statutory test driven round Millbrook test track and roads circuit (click here). Because all cars are tested the same, it's easy to see which cars are more economical than others.

  oresome 17:14 22 Jan 2009

It's easy to see which cars are more economical than others going round the test track.

The point is most of us don't drive round test tracks!

  interzone55 17:31 22 Jan 2009

Millbrook uses a series of tracks, which is why you get fuel consumption figures quoted at 56mph, urban (<30mph variable) and extra urban (<60mph variable). The urban tests are set up to simulate stop start driving.

All cars undergo the same tests so that you can then get an accurate comparison between cars, but as they say in the states, "your mileage may vary"...

  laurie53 19:51 22 Jan 2009

Any body ever get to grips with "Litres per Hundred Kilometers?

I lived over there for seven years and never did get the hang of it!

  Colin 20:31 22 Jan 2009

It's the same with CO2 emissions - they're only an average. As with fuel consumption, the way you drive the car affects the actual CO2 emission. The main difference is that it is not easy for a driver to measure their CO2 emissions like you can with fuel consumption. It makes me laugh when you see articles quoting reduction in CO2 based on changing your car as if the emission is constant.

  wee eddie 21:04 22 Jan 2009

All you need is two Sets.

Town Driving (or Stop/Start) and Optimum Cruise.

We would all be quite capable of working out the Cost of our journey from there.

So your Journey into work would cost you 15 Minutes of (not quite as low as) Optimum Cruise and 25 Minutes of Stop Start.

  AL47 21:08 22 Jan 2009

whatever means i pay a lower tax is good by me, if my car was quoted at 100mpg id be very happy

mine was quoted at 33mpg, not what i get lol

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