Government fines gone crazy

  lee_robinson1983 14:36 07 Apr 2006

I was wondering if anyone had an opinion on the latest government on the spot fines of up to £80 for littering?

I agree littering is an awful problem and on the spot fines are good but £80 whereas someone who is using their mobile whilst driving only gets a £30 fine???? Surely it should be the other way around? Driving without your full care and attention is surely more dangerous than dropping litter?

Dont get me wrong litter fines are good and I agree something needs to be done to help clean up the streets but are the priorities set right here?

  g0slp 14:48 07 Apr 2006

It's difficult to comment without becoming 'political', which is a big no-no here (rightly so).

I agree, however, that the priorities aren't being set right.

  aveylee 15:00 07 Apr 2006

I agree with lee_robinson1983, but come from the argument the other way.
The problem seems to be that Governemnts have their 'pet projects'. They then come up with proposed solutions, some good some bad. (I have no problem with on the spot fines for littering). After getting 'tough' on a particular offence they do not recalibrate the penalties for other offences.
However it is now time for a comprehensive review of all sentencing and fines. In order that each offence is punished consistently.
From memory I believe that the maximum sentence for burglary is more than ABH (s.18/20 OATPA). Which in my opinion is plainly wrong.

  medicine hat 15:25 07 Apr 2006
  asdf99 15:32 07 Apr 2006

Has the goverment gone crazy or are they following another party. click here for more info!

  Monument 15:38 07 Apr 2006

Max Sentences

ABH = 5 years.
GBH (Sec 20 Wounding) = 5 years.
Burglary = 14 years.
GBH (Section 18 Wounding with Intent)= Life.

  ade.h 15:47 07 Apr 2006

Neither punishment is enough; £200 fine for littering, and a one month ban plus six points for driving while using a mobile phone.

  medicine hat 15:55 07 Apr 2006

On the spot fine - who could pay a £200 on the spot fine? I rarely carry more than £20 on me so even an £80 fine would be difficult to pay "on the spot"

  ade.h 16:00 07 Apr 2006

I never said anything about "on the spot". Besides, you're taking the definition slightly too literally; the police have a certain amount of flexibility in how they get payment. By "on the spot" they are primarily referring to the point at which the fine is issued.

  ade.h 16:02 07 Apr 2006

They can, for example, ask you to go to a cash machine if you have the means to do so.

  lee_robinson1983 16:09 07 Apr 2006

They usually give you 2 weeks to pay the fine. They give you a slip with the details of the offence and an address to post the fine to (someone I know was on their mobile whilst driving)

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