government coalition very deaf

  finerty 11:26 28 May 2012

Their not listening

Seems the goverment has gone stone deaf to all

  lotvic 14:08 28 May 2012

Perhaps the protesters would be happier living in Greece.

  Woolwell 14:55 28 May 2012

I tend to agree with Dan Hodges blog on it Blog about the nuisance to the neighbours.

  bremner 16:31 28 May 2012

Just because rent a mob turn up and shout a bit hardly justifies the claim "the government is deaf"

We have to cut services to reduce the deficit, it does not matter what government we have, the pain would be the same.

  daz60 18:48 28 May 2012

I think that comment,in keeping with the PC brigade, is in bad taste.As a partially deaf person i feel that they can hear you but choose to ignore you which is a different matter.

In other words they are not "deaf" but profoundly ignore those who challenge their point of view.

  morddwyd 21:46 28 May 2012

"but profoundly ignore those who challenge their point of view."

How do you know they are ignoring those challengers?

They may well be looking at the challenges, weighing them up, thinking about them and rejecting them, which is not the same thing at all.

I do get fed up with people, who have not got their own way, saying they have been ignored, when, in fact, their arguments have been considered but rejected.

  Woolwell 22:30 28 May 2012

They appear to have listened about the pasty tax BBC News Government u-turn

  daz60 22:33 28 May 2012

who have not got their own way

To ignore is not to give a reply.

I could not care less if i did not get my own way,such selfishness has passed me by.

My response is to the usage of the word "stone deaf" in respect to the GOV "not listening",if like myself even with an hearing aid i find i have missed a word or part of a conversation,even when my ailment is known,i have been called ignorant,i am not i am of partial hearing.

they may well be

I take the point but their rhetoric and glib responses suggest that they are not listening, not that they are deaf but committee after committee and report after report suggesting reform and/or change is ignored,so i stand by that comment.

  Aitchbee 22:38 28 May 2012

...their 'austerity' policies are beginning to crumble!

  Condom 00:43 29 May 2012

Only 3 more weeks until I get my first ever hearing aid and hopefully people will stop shouting at me. Maybe I might even begin to enjoy watching TV again.

  morddwyd 08:31 29 May 2012

"To ignore is not to give a reply."

What an arrogant attitude. You have illustrated my point exactly.

"I don't care who you are, or how outlandish or impracticable my views, I must have an answer."

Right,PCA. You have not answered several suggestions made on this forum over the years.

Why are you ignoring us?

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