The Goverment is planning to sell your Medical Records

  Kevscar 06:07 22 Feb 2014

and you will have no say on who gets it and what they do with it, once they do you cannot recall it or withdraw permission so if you don't like it you have to opt out beforehand. click here

  bremner 09:38 22 Feb 2014

*Instead, we learn how to save lives by studying huge datasets on the medical histories of millions of people. This information helps us identify the causes of cancer and heart disease; it helps us to spot side-effects from beneficial treatments, and switch patients to the safest drugs; it helps us spot failing hospitals, or rubbish surgeons; and it helps us spot the areas of greatest need in the NHS. *

This extract comes from the is article in The Guardian Click Here

It shows how such data sharing has huge benefits if handled correctly.

With your medical condition I would have thought you would have welcomed it.

  fourm member 09:49 22 Feb 2014

I wondered when we'd get this thread.

As has been pointed out, the delay in implementing this programme will cost lives. Only by looking at huge amounts of data can you identify trends and spots the things that may be causing illness or alleviating suffering.

I've seen complaints about what happens if this data falls into the hands of insurance companies and they manage to work back to personal data.

Leave aside that getting to identifiable data requires a trail of 'if's so long that it blurs into the distance.

Anyone worrying about insurance premiums is either a fool or a criminal. Insurance companies don't need to access your medical records. You are obliged, by law, to declare your medical conditions when buying insurance.

  Mr Mistoffelees 12:52 22 Feb 2014

Stay in and when you have a serious accident, or are suddenly taken ill, hundreds of miles from home whilst working away, with no family nearby to ask for information, doctors attending to you have full access to your medical records and full awareness of any medical conditions you suffer from.

Opt-out and things don't look so good.

  bremner 13:05 22 Feb 2014

Mr M

This is not that system, this is the anonymous sharing of medical inforation outside of the NHS.

  Forum Editor 13:12 22 Feb 2014

The government is not planning to sell your medical records.

What will happen is that aggregated data will be made available to aid research, and as has already been pointed out, you will not be personally identifiable from any of the information that is released.

Paranoia will continue to drive all kinds of scare stories however, and it will be amply fuelled by irresponsible journalism.

  Kevscar 14:11 22 Feb 2014

You all believe that everything our politicians say is sacrosent and of course you can all see into the future and assure us that neither this or any other government will sell our details or change it so that we can be identified. If you can please tell me when and the winning numbers of the next euromillions 100 mill + jackpot

  bremner 14:38 22 Feb 2014

No we can't but that is not what is being proposed here.

If a future government were to suggest what you say then we could argue the case then. For now the proposal offers potential medical advances that can't be ignored.

  Kevscar 16:18 22 Feb 2014

and you are 100% certain that this and any other government would ask you in the future. If so I have a lunar retirement building plot

  Mr Mistoffelees 16:46 22 Feb 2014

Bremner, seems I misunderstood what this is about, however my view is the same as the FE in this case.

  BT 17:51 22 Feb 2014

Seems to me that most people are quite happy to share personal data on social networking sites but when its a state led operation are up in arms about it, and as has been said its not even identified data.

Even Doctors themselves find it hard to access your personal data from outside their own practises. For instance if I attend the out of hours medical centre 'out of hours' they can't get my records from my own surgery and have to rely on whatever information I can give them at the time.

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