Got a spare day?

  Si_L 22:09 18 Nov 2007

I have just completed a 16 hour hike! From 9am, to 1am the next day, we braved the bitter cold, rain, snow, hills galore! We covered about 35 miles overall, which doesn't seem a lot but the aching in my legs tells a different story!

It was sponsored in order to raise funds for my gap year trip to India, as I am struggling to pay the enormous flight costs! I'm going volunteering for 6 months at a school in Hebron, and I can't wait :)

Anyway, my point is that if you have a spare day, go hiking, it is a good challenge both physically and mentally, and you won't be able to hear anything the next day due to your joints clicking, but it is worth it when you reach the finish line!

  Bingalau 22:20 18 Nov 2007

No thanks, been there, done that and got the "T" shirt... If I was sixty years younger I might think about it again. But I have got all the aches and pains I need.

  octal 22:24 18 Nov 2007

Well done Si_L, it's good exercise isn't it? A week ago I walked from my house in east London here to my mums who lives in Epping in Essex a distance of 14 miles through Epping forest most of the way, it took about 4½ hours, then left to walk back to Debden to get the bus home which was a further 5 miles. I was going to walk home, but it was getting dark. Not bad for a 59 year old :D

  spuds 23:26 18 Nov 2007

Done many a adventurous hike in my time, and enjoyed every minute of it. Nowadays, a combination of the two dog's plus some Glucosamine Sulphate and omega 3 capsules, we still manage to keep the joints and limbs creaking and slightly active :O)

  WhiteTruckMan 23:49 18 Nov 2007

I follow.


  newman35 06:57 19 Nov 2007

If the good Lord had meant us to hike, why did he give us the brains to build cars? (:-))

  interzone55 09:24 19 Nov 2007

I used to do a lot of hiking in my Scouting days, I once walked with a few comrades from our home near Manchester to Blackpool (50-ish miles) took almost 24 hours, but the money we saved was spent on the pleasure beach. We couldn't face walking back though so we had to leave a couple of pounds for the bus fare back.

Every year on the day after boxing day I go for a long walk with my father-in-law and his cronies, it's about 10 miles across Holcombe Moor (across the army firing range, near to the Krypton Factor assault course) and almost into Darwin. About 10 miles in total, the idea being that we work off the Christmas excesses - the trouble is that we stop off for a mixed grill and a few pints at a pub half way round. Kind of defeats the object of the walk really...

  Si_L 09:27 19 Nov 2007

Hiking is better exercise, cheaper, less dangerous, doesn't harm the environment, plus, you can walk absolutely anywhere! The same can't be said for cars!

  Bingalau 10:10 19 Nov 2007

It's possible to drive for hundreds of miles down the motorway, don't try walking on them though. Seriously at 78 I am now a little too ancient to take up doing thirty milers again, but regularly walk a couple of miles and go to my favourite keep fit lessons, i.e. Line Dancing which equals two sessions of two hours non stop every week. This is in spite of a dodgy spine. My medical advisors keep telling me to keep exercising. So I do.

  Bingalau 10:11 19 Nov 2007

WTM. see you at the Gild Hall in Formby on Thursday morning then? 09.30 for beginners... You will have a laugh as well???

  newman35 10:16 19 Nov 2007

Hope the humour transplant went well!

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