Gordon Brown "World Economic Role"

  Portal11 01:00 23 Apr 2011

OH Dear some must be still convinced he's for the people...

God bless us all with cabron's like this.....

link text

  morddwyd 07:18 23 Apr 2011

Don't see what this role has to do specifically with "the people"

  wids001 07:51 23 Apr 2011

No one is more qualified for this role - Remember he is the man who saved the world (from Economic meltdown)!

  sunnystaines 08:01 23 Apr 2011

could have been worse he could have got the IMF job.

  peter99co 11:29 23 Apr 2011

At least all the bad eggs are in the same basket!

Stinks to me.

We await to see if any hatch.

  proudfoot 12:55 23 Apr 2011

It looks like "The blind leading the blind". Maybe he will take "Prudence" to advise him with her foresight. She cocked up the UKs economy lets see what she makes of the world economy. I long maintained the average British housewife could have made a better job of our economy than Gordon Prudence Brown. All he achieved was to Max. out the countries credit card. The coalition might not be the best thing since sliced bread but thank god we do not have to suffer another 5 years of Labour profligate spending. Miliband has not come up with any alternative suggestions only criticism.

  sunnystaines 13:04 23 Apr 2011

I am surprised the glenn beck show has not mentioned the The World Economic Forum if its that bad.

  morddwyd 13:53 23 Apr 2011

I'm afraid you're all taking a very parochial view.

On the world stage he is regarded, rightly or wrongly, as a very safe pair of hands.

Since the job is part time and unpaid I can't see that he can cause much harm.

  Strawballs 14:12 23 Apr 2011

Some people on here are so bitter and twisted that all anyone has to do is mention Browns name then they go off on one.

All I can say is that I never had to worry about my mortgage rate going up to 16% under Gordon Brown as Chancellor.

  john 52 20:18 23 Apr 2011

Perhaps what public school he attended played no part on if he was considered the best man for the job and just that his knowledge and vast experience of world finance was the deciding factor.


When you comment the average British housewife could have made a better job of our economy than Gordon Prudence Brown. does that just mean a right wing Tory housewife ? what about the average housewife in all the other major countries in the world that have suffered through this recession. He made such a bad job of it that from 1997 to 2010 the country voted the Labour party back in power as they had made a success of government and even after 13 years of Labour government the Conservative party were unable to get enough votes from the public to form a government hardly a vote of confidence for the Conservatives and there policies

I also note you failed to mention Black Wednesday or Black Monday both under Tory governments perhaps the same average housewife you suggested could also have made a better job than the then current Tory government but I am sensible enough to understand that circumstances play a large part in the creation and outcome of any situation whichever political party is in power.

If this article is to be believed it may help you understand why he is called Prudence Brown and why he got the job and why you cannot try to run a countries economy like your household accounts


  flycatcher1 20:36 23 Apr 2011

John52. The Tories were in power when we crashed out of the ERM. And who was a great supporter of the ERM even more than the Tories? I am sure that you know the answer!

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