Google will prove helpful in Japan.

  Forum Editor 11:29 13 Mar 2011

The company has launched a new version of its People finder tool for the current state of emergency.

click here

This was developed in the aftermath of the Haitian quake, and proved to be very successful. It is already tracking over 106,000 records, and that's bound to rise considerably.

The power of the internet.

  octal 11:42 13 Mar 2011

The trouble is communication, most of their communication infrastructure is out of order, combined with 2 major power stations damaged. They are setting up emergency communications, but it does take time to filter all the information though click here

  Uboat 11:46 13 Mar 2011

fantastic news! not just for japan but for us all the world over! well done google..

  Forum Editor 12:01 13 Mar 2011

whose fourteen year old daughter was killed by the 2004 tsunami in Sri Lanka. He told me that the worst part of the whole experience was not knowing for sure.

He spent five days thinking 'she's probably dead' but hoping against hope that she had been swept away and somehow survived. At the end of the five days, after slogging around all kinds of depositories he found her body in a makeshift morgue. It had been there for four days,and the authorities knew her name - they just had no way to put the information anywhere public.

Something like this tool might have saved him and lots of others a week of the anguish of uncertainty.

  jakimo 12:41 13 Mar 2011

Will be great when the power is turned back on

  Forum Editor 13:03 13 Mar 2011

People all over the world have power, and lots of them have friends and relatives in Japan.

Many places in the affected areas have access to the internet using power from portable generators. Japan is a technology-oriented society.

  rickf 14:03 13 Mar 2011

I feel so sorry for Japan and the Japanese people. This is a tragedy of gigantic proportions. The economy will be severely damaged and it's people will suffer. This just when t was about to come out of recession I believe. Is there a God?

  Forum Editor 23:58 13 Mar 2011

I'm not sure what that has to do with an earthquake and tsunami, but I agree about the scale of the tragedy - it beats anything I've seen in my lifetime in terms of its suddenness.

I think that's what makes the biggest impression - the sheer speed at which all this happened. One minute everything was normal; a couple of hours later there was absolute chaos and disaster.

  carver 07:54 14 Mar 2011

This is where smart phones will come into use, you may not have Internet via a PC but if your smart phone is still working then you can still use it to access the net.

Or is some one going to pop up and tell me that I've got that wrong.

  morddwyd 08:26 14 Mar 2011

I think you have.

I understand most of the networks are down.

  carver 09:11 14 Mar 2011

No a lot are now back up and running, it's most of the land lines that are out.

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