Google Toolbar Black At Night

  Crosstrainer2 04:40 29 Jun 2011

The sharp eyed amongst us may have noticed that the Google toolbar at the top of the screen now turns black after midnight and returns to normal in the morning.

First noticed this yesterday and thought my home page had been hijacked!

  badhair1963 08:26 29 Jun 2011

Mine seems to be permanently black, regardless of the time of day.

  richardsole 08:31 29 Jun 2011

Ditto to badhair1963

It's black.

  interzone55 09:29 29 Jun 2011

I think it's Google tinkering again (or buggering about, depending on how annoyed you feel).

Mine went black at some point on Monday.

I use the Google seasons theme on my homepage, so that does change depending on the time of day and year, it's light & sunny at the moment, but if I change the time on the clock it will go dark...

  Crosstrainer2 09:52 29 Jun 2011

You are right, it's still black, isn't life confusing enough without Google mucking about? :))

  Quickbeam 10:41 29 Jun 2011

I don't have a Google toolbar. Such a carefree life that I lead...

  richardsole 10:46 29 Jun 2011


there will always be the haves and have nots of this world ;-)

As an aside I have just found out of you click on the last response time it takes you to the last page of the thread.

there will always be the slow and the slowest. I must be in the latter category. ;-(

  AroundAgain 12:21 29 Jun 2011

Yes, I too have a black band at the top of the Google web page. It appeared only this morning. It wasn't there last night. Can't say I like it.

Hope they change it back to something more 'neutral' very soon.

  Quickbeam 12:44 29 Jun 2011

"As an aside I have just found out of you click on the last response time it takes you to the last page of the thread."

Hurrah! That really does make the site sweeter to use.

  interzone55 13:49 29 Jun 2011

Seems the new Black ribbon is part of the launch of Google's new Facebook type service Google+ which has been pushed out to a small number of Google account holders

BBC Link

  Grey Goo 20:38 29 Jun 2011

Whole Classic page is screwed up, progress bar was green,now blue and the google search and feeling lucky boxes are naff.

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