Google Street, can you find the image date?

  Blackhat 12:50 01 Mar 2011

This is not for fun, if I can get an approximate date this will help me solve a business dispute.

  Woolwell 13:32 01 Mar 2011

Not as far as I aware. I think that you'll find that Google, for liability reasons, consider the time stamp on the photos to be confidential.

  Woolwell 13:32 01 Mar 2011

ps should be in Helproom?

  Covergirl 14:13 01 Mar 2011

but I can't see anything on Street View.

Personally, I am able to date the pic of my property due to the neighbouring property being renovated.

If a googlecar goes past now, the resultant pics will show we are waiting for the painters.

Is there nothing that you can "date" from the particular circumstances in place at the time?

  Uboat 14:19 01 Mar 2011

Blackhat i don think you can due to some legalities & here is one for exaple but good luck!

click here

  T0SH 16:34 01 Mar 2011

Try zooming in to the maximum sometimes this will show up a google watermark with the date in the background

Cheers HC

  Woolwell 16:58 01 Mar 2011

TOSH's method does give the year. I managed to get closer than that by finding a nearby cinema and looking at what was being shown. I now know that they were taken in my area around August 2009.

  Blackhat 17:19 01 Mar 2011

Thanks for the watermark idea, I found the year and by going along the road I have identified which car a certain person came out of before entering a building. As it was one of my company cars I know it was very near the end of that year that the image was taken.

My suspicions are now somewhat confirmed that one of my sales reps was moonlighting for a competitor.

Having spent some more time on google searches I do believe that precise date information is protected but a bit of detective work can help.

  peter99co 17:28 01 Mar 2011

I assume you need to show that something was either occupying or not a specific place.

It made me think we should keep a photo record of our surroundings on a regular basis.

Google Earth shows an image date of my property of April 19 2007

  Condom 02:45 03 Mar 2011

I live up a cul-de sac on the outskirts of a small town and didn't think Google cars would ever reach us and I must say I was rather negative about what uses it could be put to. How wrong I was. Last week while doing some research for changing my internet provider I was asked to put in my postcode and before I knew it I was looking at a moving film of my road and house. My car was there but the number plate is blanked out but otherwise the house looked quite good. Amazing stuff.

  interzone55 09:13 03 Mar 2011

The images are composites, so pictures seemingly next to each other may well have been taken days, or even weeks apart, so for this reason Google don't give more than the year of the photo...

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