Google or FireFox 2 ..??

  [email protected] 12:13 20 Feb 2007

Can anyone tell me what are the benefits from the two as i am a little nieve when it comes to browsers...?? which is best...iam sure this has been covered somewhere in the past...?

  Monument 12:24 20 Feb 2007

Google is many things but it is not a browser.

Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 2 and Opera are browsers to name but 3. Each has it fans and detractors. I would have each on your machine, try them out and see which you think is best for you

  Cymro. 13:24 20 Feb 2007

So IE+FF are browsers and I assume you would call Google a search engine.

But how would you explain the actual difference, as to me they all seem to do the same job.

I use Google with FF7.

  anskyber 13:26 20 Feb 2007

Google do have a modified IE7 browser.

  anskyber 13:27 20 Feb 2007

Here it is. click here

  medicine hat 13:55 20 Feb 2007

But isn't it a waste of space having two Google search boxes? Can't they "optimise" it better than that?

  Zero G 14:00 20 Feb 2007

FireFox2 a lot more reliable than IE7.

  [email protected] 14:22 20 Feb 2007

yeah i was russhing then Google is not a browser as i put it more of a Search Engine..doh..thankx for letting me know..feel such a pillock..

  Cymro. 15:50 20 Feb 2007

Search engine or browser?, but I still am not sure what the difference is. As you say "feel such a pillock"

  anskyber 15:59 20 Feb 2007

A browser is the mechanism used to gain access to the internet, so it is not a web site in itself it is a tool yo allow sites to be here

A search engine is is a facility which is like a site but you cannot get to it without a browser. click here

  rdave13 22:47 20 Feb 2007

On the other hand don't download firefox from here as it's a Google pack and will corrupt firefox click here

ONLY download FireFox from the Mozilla site.

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