Google Enviromental Impact

  oresome 17:17 11 Jan 2009

Have you ever considered the energy used in doing a Google search?

I've never given it a thought, but research suggests that two searches equates to boiling a kettle!

click here

  Si_L 17:52 11 Jan 2009

Then heres a search engine for you: click here

  AL47 19:08 11 Jan 2009

welll i not paying for it

that search engine isnice too look at, if it was identical to google id use it, my ff3 theme is black

  interzone55 19:59 11 Jan 2009

A TFT screen uses exactly the same power whether it's showing white, black, pink or blue, so for most people there's minimal energy saved using the black theme.

I'm not sure about the maths behind this study either.

A typical dual processor server uses about 450-600w when run at full pelt. Each server will handle hundreds of simultaneous requests. And each request will take less than a second to complete.

Whereas a kettle pulls about 3kw and takes about 5 minutes to boil.

Something just doesn't add up...

  newman35 20:21 11 Jan 2009

I don't think it's saying you, yourself, actually use the energy to boil the kettle on your own bill - if it was then you'd surely know about it with your elec bill !!
The energy used by your screen etc, is not in question here.
The idea is that energy is being used to do these millions of searches, and we are all causing it with our searches.

  interzone55 20:26 11 Jan 2009

My point is that 2 Google searches use a tiny amount of CPU time, so how can they produce the amount of CO2 suggested in the article.

  AL47 21:24 11 Jan 2009

i would say the report is being a bit eco warrior, 2 searches a kettle boiling? i dot think the uk grid could cope lol, good job google isnt uk based!

  Forum Editor 23:08 11 Jan 2009

IT now causes about two per cent of global CO2 emissions and its carbon footprint exceeded that of the world's aviation industry for the first time in 2007."

One thing I can absolutely guarantee is that we will see the planet swamped under a blanket of C02 before we give up our use of the internet. It (the internet) is now so important to us that we will not be curtailing our use of it any time soon.

  laurie53 09:26 12 Jan 2009

If you didn't get it on Google you'd drive down to the library, or write to some research institute or, worst of all, remain ignorant.

All very bad from the planet's point of view, particularly the last one.

  interzone55 16:24 18 Jan 2009

Seems I was right to suspect the maths in the original report...

  jimv7 04:05 19 Jan 2009

Having just run a google search, it caused a very slight movement on the cpu monitor, certainly nowhere near or long enough to cause any warmth to a kettle of water.

You'd be waiting several years for that cup of tea.

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