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  Ancient Learner 21:03 29 Sep 2005

I was encouraged by another mag. to download this from click here install it and run it. You get a picture of Earth from space, or rather a picture of America from space. You can zoom down to the Grand Canyon, but it looks like the path of a dried up little stream to me.

If you put your postcode into the box, it zooms down to your house and perhaps you might see you car in the drive, so the article said.

I can't see the drive, the house, or any houses, just a faint muddy representation of the fields around.

So why all the hype. Or is it, as usual, that of all the world population, I am the only one that it doesn't work for.

  De Marcus™ 21:17 29 Sep 2005

Google earth offers you some 'fairly' close up images from satellites, the best way to explore is by looking at the darkened grey boxes which are photographed in more detail than any other parts, if you don't live in these 'darkened' parts then you only get a basic view.

  Ancient Learner 21:36 29 Sep 2005

Perhaps I'll be safe from a missile attack then! :)), on the basis that they haven't got round to me yet.

  De Marcus™ 21:49 29 Sep 2005

In today's day n age i doubt it, but you could try :-)

  Simsy 23:20 29 Sep 2005

of the planet are available in extreme detail. For example, central London. (I can just make out my childhood bedroom window). Other places are in less detail, and do, indeed have a very definite, "blurrrrrrrr"

It's down to how much information has been recorded by satelite. Ther is lot's to interest the military in London, New York etc... not so much in green suberbs. Even Sydney in Australia isn't in terrific detail...

So rest assurred, it isn't you... just where you want to look!!



  JaßîsFaß ˜ 14:09 30 Sep 2005

I'm led to believe it can be a good bit of fun to zoom around the globe and see various close ups from all the different continents. Yet to try it but will do soon.

  patsyanne 17:44 30 Sep 2005

I thought it was all to do with if you have a good graphic card ,my friend has a house in Spain and he says he can zoom into it on Google earth but not on the Nasa world wind .

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:05 03 Oct 2005

The dogs dangly bits, but you need a powerful pc and a fast internet connection to make it work well.

  wolfie3000 05:49 04 Oct 2005

iv found google earth great if you go to the google earth forums they have locations for it like places where some ones car has broken bown or odd military bases that shouldnt exist there are some truely bizaare places its just a matter of hunting around and BTW theres a great easter egg in google earth a picture of a green alien i will give u a clue its in western america happy hunting.
And the nazca lines look amazing.

  Forum Editor 08:33 04 Oct 2005

Partly, yes, but it has a good deal more to do with security - mainly that of the United States. American military satellite images can resolve a great deal more in terms of detail than your bedroom window, but those images aren't released for you and I to browse. We get the lower-resolution library.

  Ancient Learner 21:00 04 Oct 2005

It is to be hoped that the military do use better definition. With mine you would be lucky to even hit a street never mind a building, and I'm talkng about central London, St Paul's, Westminster Abbey etc!

I didn't think that my graphic was so bad, it is a
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