Google Desktop Search v Copernic

  JayDay 13:19 05 Dec 2004

I have been using Google Desktop Search for a few days but have been disappointed by its limitations. Searching the web I found this program click here It's a free standalone program that enables you to search your documents, emails, Internet history and even PDF files. You can do partial searches as well, something Google doesn't offer. Useful if like me you have hundreds of documents on your hard drive.

Anyone who has used Googles version will know that if you move a file the old location is still listed in the results. A real pain if you re organize your files as you end up with loads of dead links.

  Forum Editor 13:41 05 Dec 2004

search program for years, and in my opinion there's nothing to beat it. As a consequence I started using the Copernic desktop search tool as soon as it became available, and it's so good I confess I haven't tried the Google version.

  JayDay 14:28 05 Dec 2004

Don't even bother with Google. Copernic beats it hands down. I'm surprised as Google products are normally very good. I know it's only a beta version but I think it's way off being a useful tool.

  shizzy 21:59 07 Dec 2004

Just seen this thread. FE told us about this little program a while ago and I still can't believe how quick it is.

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