google chrome

  bobbybluenose 20:06 12 Oct 2008

hi all any of you using google chrome,if so whats your opinion .

  interzone55 20:24 12 Oct 2008

I'm using it as my main browser at home & work.

It's fast, and the lack of toolbars makes for a large web page area.

It's a little flaky at times, some flash heavy sites cause it the browser to surrender, mostly only the offending page falls over and the rest of the browser is fine, but occasionally the whole browser needs a restart.

Interestingly some sites that don't work properly in firefox are fine in Chrome.

It's by no means a finished product, so if you use it and it doesn't work properly just go back to you're regular browser until the full release version is available some time next year...

  bobbybluenose 20:31 12 Oct 2008

I have being using chrome for a while now,as you say it seems to a bit flaky. I can not wait for the finished product.

  DANZIG 21:38 12 Oct 2008

Admittedly I'm using Firefox at the minute, but thats for the reasons already given.

As soon as it gets properly sorted, I reckon it will be my browser of choice, with Firefox a very close second.

  Kemistri 00:13 13 Oct 2008

If and when its market share reaches my self imposed threshold for including it in the growing list of browsers for which I need to test and debug, then I will have to adopt it purely for that task. But Google will not persuade me to stop using Firefox for all other tasks.

  €dstowe 08:15 13 Oct 2008

I don't like it. I can't explain why, there is just something a bit too simple and basic about it.

Doubtless I'll go back to it periodically to check on improvements and one day, I may be a convert but, not at the moment.

  Quiller. 08:28 13 Oct 2008

I now use it as my main browser. It does everything I want with little interference and plenty of speed.

  skeletal 09:52 13 Oct 2008

Having looked at a few comments on the web about Chrome, and indeed this new thread, what amazes me is that I can’t find anyone who has experienced my problem with it. That is: it hammers the hard drive continuously! As soon as I launch it, the hard drive is off. It is though Google has a bot in there that is taking every thing off my drive and sending back to Google. Indeed, such behaviour is so odd for a browser that I don’t trust it at all and have uninstalled it.

It also seems to have some background processes going even when it’s not running.

In its favour it starts very quickly, unlike the typical half a day to launch bloatware that passes as software these days.

But like every other browser I’ve tried, except IE, I found some images/sites did not work properly.

I will need some convincing that Google “aren’t up to something” before I try the next version.


  interzone55 10:38 13 Oct 2008

Have you got Google Desktop installed as well?

My work PC & home laptop have very quiet hard drives, so I can't be 100% sure it isn't thrashing them to death, but I don't think it is.

Chrome also doesn't leave any other processes running when it's shut down.

My only thought is that you also have Google Desktop indexing your system in the background...

  bobbybluenose 10:51 13 Oct 2008

using chrome as my browser on three different machines all is fine here.

  skeletal 14:21 13 Oct 2008

alan14: Unless Chrome automatically installed Desktop without me knowing, and such a desktop only runs when I run Chrome, then no!!

I have used Google Desktop in the past, but switched to Copernic Desktop search ages ago (and uninstalled Google). The desktop indexing only runs for a few minutes; whatever Chrome was doing, it didn’t stop. I let it go for about 10 -15 minutes, shut it down and tried the next day. As soon as I loaded it up it was off again. I suppose I could leave it for hours and try to find if it ever does stop, but I hate hard drive hammering which is one of my key criticisms about Vista (many other posts about that so don’t really want to repeat myself too much).

I wish I had written down the processes in the background, there were two of them.

Given bobbybluenose has three computers running with it, and as I mentioned before no-one else seems to be finding what I am, it looks like it doesn’t like my computer! Or perhaps “the bot” is only activated on a small, random selection of computers!


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