peter99co 20:50 09 Nov 2009

I find the latest Blacberry Ad the last straw.

I have decided to log off.

  a member 21:19 09 Nov 2009

me too ,I come here mainly out of interest and maybe give a bit of helpful advice via the OS forums . I am sick of the constant bombardement withadverts , if you inadvertantly pass over some barely visable advert it was popping out at you ,but this latest blackberry ad is the worse ,the whole screen goes black half way through loading and then hijacks what I wanted to do in favour of an advert for possibly one of the poorest and grosely overrated media phones around ,and YES I have owned one and promptly sent it back ,my old 800mhz windows ME computer boots up faster than a blackberry .
I will come back in a few weeks to see if its still around ,but to be quite honest the enjoyement of browsing this website has been going downhill for some time and I dont see it improving any time soon .
so its goodbye also .(for now)

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 21:35 09 Nov 2009

Me too. Haven't logged in quite some time, but the mass of adverts on this page now is quite unmanageable! I keep hitting back, and then reclicking the link. It's getting to be annoying.

  anskyber 21:56 09 Nov 2009

On the whole I have little or no sympathy with the advert whingers. Just how, can you explain, can this service be maintained without revenue? Ehh??

The answer is it cannot and although I get frustrated at times with the increasing ingenuity test of find a spot to click on which is not advert laden I give myself a bit of a talking to. After all it remains one of the most successful and active sites with great forums there is.

Frustrating yes but come on, reality check.

  Woolwell 22:00 09 Nov 2009

Concur with anskyber but did find the Blackberry ad OTT. It only seems to occur once when first logging in.

  Quiller. 22:03 09 Nov 2009

Agree with you.

ps I get the backberry add when I log on, but it just takes a click when I've looked at it.;-)

  Quickbeam 23:00 09 Nov 2009

The only way I've found out of it is through 'my postings' and then navigate back here.

  Forum Editor 23:07 09 Nov 2009

The Blackberry ad is hardly the end of the world, is it? Just one click will sort it out.

Ever since we first started taking advertising on this site we've had people saying they don't like it, but for goodness sake, try to understand that we have to exist in the real world. This isn't some cosy corner of the internet where the normal rules of commerce are suspended. Servers, and a team of people to maintain them and the site cost a small fortune every year, and we simply have to take advertising or pack up the site and go home.

Times are hard, and the publishing industry is suffering along with many others. Posting a thread entitled "Goodbye" because you don't like a few ads strikes me as a particularly childish thing to do. If I used a site that irritated me that much I would either just leave and say nothing, or send an email to the person whose name you see on a daily basis, and complain properly. I certainly wouldn't indulge in a fit of public petulance.

  Quiller. 23:10 09 Nov 2009

bookmarks/pca advisor. one click.

I'm then loaded to the helproom, logged in and the blackberry advisor page has gone.

  DANZIG 23:11 09 Nov 2009

Gotta admit, I've never had an issue with ANY of the advertising on this site.

This one however is more than a little intrusive, even more so than that 'roll down' one for something I can't remember ages ago.

The main reason it annoys me is that when I use my mobile dongle at my in-laws the connection is VERY SLOW - this will really affect the way the site performs when I'm there (which isn't often admittedly and thankfully!)

Then again, it just comes on at first log on, so its not the end of the world - get a grip guys!!

  Blackhat 23:28 09 Nov 2009

‘The Blackberry ad is hardly the end of the world, is it? Just one click will sort it out.’

That may well be true but to newcomers it must be most off putting.
It would be interesting to see pca stats for new member registrations for the period of this ad.

If I visit a web site for the first time and get plastered with an ad I move on straight away.

Interestingly, if I allow the ad to load there is no direct link to pca on the page, only by clicking back do you get to pca, how many newcomers will be impressed with that?

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