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  Cymro. 14:05 04 Dec 2010

I suspect that some of you would never support such action whatever the cause but I think that this one is as good as it gets. People are quick enough to criticise Social Security claimants but sorting out tax dodgers is at least just as important.
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  Cymro. 14:12 04 Dec 2010

Campaigners protesting against tax avoidance by big business have taken over Topshop's flagship branch and forced it to close temporarily.

Topshop boss Sir Philip Green has been criticised because his wife, the firm's direct owner, lives in a tax haven.

With a personal fortune of more than £4bn, he owns the Arcadia Group, whose fashion chains include Topshop, Burton, Dorothy Perkins, Evans and Miss Selfridge.

His wife Tina is the direct owner of Arcadia, and she is officially a resident of Monaco.

This enabled her to gain a tax-free £1.2bn dividend in 2005.

  Cymro. 14:25 04 Dec 2010

That's as may be, but there is legal and legal just as there is right and morally right. With all the legal advise these people can afford they can make almost anything legal.

  Cymro. 14:49 04 Dec 2010

Nonsense to just sit back and do nothing, unless you think there is nothing wrong with the situation that is.

  beynac 15:01 04 Dec 2010

"This enabled her to gain a tax-free £1.2bn dividend in 2005." Presumably this was as a result of the company making a large profit, which they would have paid tax on.

Why do you object to a foreign resident investing in this country? Surely, this has got to be a good thing. ;)

  Cymro. 15:10 04 Dec 2010

It is not a matter of my objecting to anyone investing in the UK foreign or otherwise. It is the way they avoid paying tax that I don`t like.

  Cymro. 15:36 04 Dec 2010

You been a bit of a protester in your time then?

You say that
"Determining what is a fair tax system for the UK operations of companies with worldwide interests is far beyond my abilities"
Yes and me, but I do think that the present system is not fair.

Are we to assume that you are happy with the situation as it is then?

  Monoux 15:39 04 Dec 2010

It doesn’t take a genius to see there is definitely something wrong with a system that allows companies and individuals to make large profits trading in the UK then avoid paying UK taxes on those profits.

It would take a change of the tax law to stop it but I doubt those that could do this have any incentive to put it right. It has needed doing for many years but I can’t see it changing any time soon.

  Cymro. 15:46 04 Dec 2010

Yes very true, but as you say
"I doubt those that could do this have any incentive to put it right"
So how many millionaires are there on the government front bench these days then? and how much money have these people donated to the Tory party over the years?

  Jameslayer 15:47 04 Dec 2010

The tax system is a circuler argument. You tax people/business as much as you can while trying to ensure they make a living.

If you tax them to much business/people go under thus reducing total tax collected.

If you charge them to much tax big business and rich people will move someplace were they get taxed less thus making more money.

Ultimatly if you are making millions or more a year then you will talk to your accountant and if he says ok live in the tax heaven you will save a extra 20% on tax then most will do it.(Me included)

Their is not a lot countrys can do to stop this sort of behaviour short of a world wide minimum tax system.

  Cymro. 15:57 04 Dec 2010

So are we to take that you are also happy with things as they are then?

People said that nothing could be done about lots of things, slavery, votes for women, child labour, the pole tax and many more such things. If someone does not protest then nothing will ever get done.

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