Good parents 'should be rewarded'

  Cymro. 12:06 04 May 2008

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As some on this forum have said parents are to blame for the way their children behave do they think that this idea has some merit.

  Quickbeam 12:15 04 May 2008

The kids she's referring to probably have parents that don't give a damn under any circumstances, the sort that F & blind in front of unruly 4 year olds, the sort that smoke and drink heavily in front of them, the sort of parent that shouldn't be a parent... So I reckon she's naive in the extreme.

Parents that agree with her don't need to be paid as they already are reasonably good parents.

  €dstowe 13:01 04 May 2008

Parents are already plenty rewarded with state handouts of various kinds.

  Stuartli 13:26 04 May 2008

Good parents reap the rewards by bringing up children who are well behaved, a credit to their community and who go on to make a success of their life.

But even the best brought up children can - and sometimes do - go off the rails, usually in their teens with the natural tendency to oppose authority; however, the basics they learn in early life generally/hopefully resurface again and bring them back on track.

My own view is that the vast majority of young people are splendid individuals and that we usually only hear about those who cause social and criminal problems.

  birdface 13:27 04 May 2008

Parents are rewarded as soon as there children are born.We don't need any other sort of reward.

  Colin 14:17 04 May 2008

She recalled the "good old days" when mums sat in at schools while their children enjoyed the stories of Listen With Mother on BBC radio.

When was that? I went to school in the mid 60's and can't recall that ever happening. Another case of rose tinted glasses?

  Brumas 14:21 04 May 2008

I think Stuartli sums it up rather neatly and I totally agree with him.

  georgemac © 15:53 04 May 2008

I also think Stuartli has summed it up very well.

We need less benefits in this country, not more that can be cheated and abused.

Bringing a child into the world is a huge responsibility - a lot of children are unfortunately brought into the world today to get a house or benefits for the parents, not because they want to have a child. This is the root cause of a lot of the problems we see. The benefits system can create a lot of problems and has IMHO.

I think we as a society should do more to protect children who do not have good homes or parenting, if this means removing them from their parents then we should do this if it is in the best interests of the children, and use the money to reward the foster or adoptive parents.

  Noels 17:12 04 May 2008

Love costs nothing.

  peg 17:21 04 May 2008

seeing my two boys grow into fine young men thats my reward thanks.
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have a bucket handy :~)

  belfman 17:38 04 May 2008

Parenting is it's own reward.


To georgemac, what exactly are you saying in your last paragraph? As it stands children are taken as a last resort - it's quite an ordeal for them to be taken away from their parents and institutionalised.

Even when they are removed it causes all sorts of issues for them as adults. Ones I have known are repeat offender criminals, abusive to spouse and their own children and so on... one of them has a substance abuse problem too.

Are you saying this should be more frequent?

The system is fine as it is.

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