Good news at last for our good friends.

  Bingalau 18:21 30 Sep 2008

There should really have been no need for this to go to court.

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  Weskit 18:28 30 Sep 2008

Let us hope the powers that be do not try to challenge the decision...

  Legolas 18:28 30 Sep 2008

Cannot agree more, whoever decided in the first place that these men had no right to remain in Britain should be hauled over the coals.

Surely the person or people responsible must have seen the stupidity and heartlessness of their actions, a bit of forward thinking would have saved a lot of worry for these men and a lot of scorn for the idiots who put this forward.

You can only imagine how these men must have felt after years of loyal service to the British Armed Forces to then be told they were not welcome in this country, it beggars belief.

  bluto1 19:19 30 Sep 2008

You're 100% right Bingalau, the matter should never have reached a court. The correct decision had already been reached in the hearts and minds of the British people.

  Monoux 19:44 30 Sep 2008

The sad thing is They'd have been treated better if they had left the country and returned as illegals.

  csqwared 20:20 30 Sep 2008

and yes, you're right, there should never have been a need in the first place for this to be in court. bluto1 has it spot on when he refers to "the hearts and minds of the British people" which was evidenced in my post earlier this year:-
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-if you missed it. Although it seems there is a little way to go yet - quote from the Home Secretary "In light of the court's ruling we will revise and publish new guidance," she said. "We will honour our commitment to the Gurkhas by reviewing all cases by the end of the year." - I trust the "review" will reach the correct conclusion.

  Dizzy Bob 20:43 30 Sep 2008

hear hear.


  Brumas 22:57 30 Sep 2008

As every Gurkha soldier is a volunteer and none has ever been a conscript it really brings home the fact that they commit themselves 100% to Great Britain - it is only fair and natural that we should, in turn, reward that commitment by allowing them to remain in GB after their years of devoted service.

  Bingalau 23:03 30 Sep 2008

Brumas. I agree wholeheartedly, we used to guard trains running the length of Malaya with a group of Gurkha's and between us we managed to stop the bandits ambushing trains at that time. To keep them out and let some of the other people in is a sin. They are brilliant law abiding people who would only be an asset to this country.

  Brumas 23:05 30 Sep 2008

I have just re-read what I wrote and it sounds a little pompous which was not my intention. I am full of admiration for the Brigade of Gurkhas - I am not full of admiration for the way various governments have treated their plight!

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