Good News For A Change, I Hope.

  Bingalau 17:53 28 Aug 2006

Has anybody spotted this news item yet click here I'm going to volunteer because I love a drop of good scrumpy... "OOOOOHHH !! aaahhhh!! my Flower" ..Bingalau..

  wee eddie 18:24 28 Aug 2006

will put hairs on your chest.

I am not sure that I could say the same thing for the pasteurised fizzy stuff that passes for Cider in most Pubs these days.

  rdave13 18:32 28 Aug 2006

Don't think this is good news! I'll have to drink more of the grog so it'll cost me more to keep healthy..the trials and tribulations of

  Forum Editor 18:37 28 Aug 2006

but probably newsworthy because of its novelty value.

This particular research is partly funded by the National Association of Cider Makers, and I'm not surprised to hear the announcement - it's been know for some time that phenolic compounds are widely distributed in vegetables, fruits and beverages such as coffee, tea, beer and wine, and are consumed daily by most people.

Nevertheless, it's good to hear that a drop of what you fancy......etc.

  Bingalau 18:38 28 Aug 2006

wee eddie. When I was serving in Stonehouse Barracks in Plymouth, three of us used to go for a pint of Scrumpy at lunch time, which meant we had three pints of the delicious stuff and a steak and kidney pie each, (proper ones with meat in) before we went back to work. Never did do an awful lot of work in the afternoons for some inexplicable reason. Here's a little bit of a poem written by a friend of mine, an ex M.N. Captain (Joe Earl) "No more sitting at anchor riding out the tide, I'd much prefer my local bar with a cider by my side, and in tow with my darling, with no worries in the world, When I strike my flag from the masthead, and stow it neatly furled." Us sailing types know the difference twixt cider and proper cider... Oh Ahhhh! Mind you the first pint of scrumpy I ever had was bloody awful, I think the farmer that sold it, got rid of his rubbish on me that day.... ..Bingalau..

  ade.h 19:12 28 Aug 2006

If your posts start getting rambling and shambolic, at least we'll know why! ;o)

  wolfie3000 00:52 29 Aug 2006

I live in the west country and cant stand even the smell of cider eeeewwwww.

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