The Good News and the Bad

  Kevscar1 09:32 02 Apr 2012

The Good Age Uk have approved a grant for the Central Heating. Work starts 16th The Bad Been lying to myself for a few months now but it looks like it's started in both legs. At first it was just a band about 1in wide just above both ankles. Now it's 6ins deep going upwards and every step is starting to hurt like Hell. Don't know if it's going to ever stop this time. Only left the house 5 times this year furthest 75yds to the doctors 3 times.

  Input Overload 10:16 02 Apr 2012

I really don't know what to say Kev - It must take immense courage just to hang in there, you really have my greatest respect for sticking with things just & carrying on.

  • Perhaps the fact that people are thinking about you & respect how you dealing with a severe illness may mean something. - I hope so...

All the best to you - Paul

  Kevscar1 10:37 02 Apr 2012

thanks everything helps and trying to help others with this or get them help is about the only thing I'm capable of now.

  Brumas 10:45 02 Apr 2012

There's nowt I can say or do that will help you old pal but we are all on your side.

  interzone55 11:26 02 Apr 2012

I'm at a loss to say anything here, it's like 1 step forward and 3 back isn't it.

Maybe the central heating will help slow down any further degradation of your condition.

My ex wife had multiple illnesses including a cyst, ulcerative colitis and Lupus, and every time we thought we'd conquered one set of symptoms something else cropped up, so we then had to battle another set of medical professionals.

You have my sympathy and best wishes

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