Good morning

  Apron 05:29 30 Dec 2006

Is everyone catching up on their sleep? It hasn't been too busy in here has it? A warm gale, is this a portent?

  terryf 06:07 30 Dec 2006

Where is the warm gale?

  Apron 06:29 30 Dec 2006

Morning Terry
In the Brecks - we do tend to have our own weather. I went out at 5.15 to check on a strange light in the hedge and was nearly blown off my feet, but was comfy in a T shirt.
Are you up early or up late?

  sean-278262 06:43 30 Dec 2006

Im not up at all! I have yet to sleep. The wonders of insomnia. Miserable in Ireland at the moment too :(

  Apron 06:51 30 Dec 2006

Oh that's dreadful, I am up at my usual time, sleep well but not for long. I usually advise insomniacs to play a recording of Match of the Day, or a Bond film - that used to send me off on the sofa when we had TV. Isn't wet weather what makes Ireland green and green and green?
I have never been to Ireland but strangely we were thinking of our long holiday being there this year. Go on persuade me. We like long walks, churches and food.

  Watchful 07:15 30 Dec 2006

Morning Apron. We had those warm gales last night, followed by rain here in Lancashire. I will be out soon with the dog and hope it clears later in the day. Have a nice one.

  Apron 07:21 30 Dec 2006

Don't go watchful, funny things dogs.
She started acting strangely last night, panting and quivering, tring to hide in the wall. She calmed down, but is acting strangely now. She usually stays in bed till walk time but she is sitting ay my feet and sort of 'hugging' them. She is obviously disturbed by the very strong wind, when I let her out she seemed to revel in it just as she usually does, running against it and bounding about. Perhaps it's just that she doesn't like the noises it makes in the house.
I think she is just spooked, she is trying to hide behind the desk right now and there isn't room. She is 18 months old and this probably feels new to her. The panting and quivering worried me but she is not doing that now. When it is light I will take her out as usual and see what happens.

  Watchful 07:39 30 Dec 2006

All of my animals have acted strangely when it's really windy. My two cats have what we term 'a mad half-hour' and our present dog, who is only 5 months old, acts like a mad hatter too! Maybe it's because their hearing is so much more sensitive than ours? If she seems afraid just reassure her. Sometimes they sense things we don't.

  Apron 07:45 30 Dec 2006

Thank you Watchful, I am going on our usual walk now - she likes to run in the wind but if she seems uneasy I will come home.

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