A good kicking for the lib dems

  Algerian peter 05:40 04 Mar 2011

in Barnsley.

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I hope Nick Clegg is enjoying his little bit of power because his party may end up like the titanic.

  Quickbeam 06:23 04 Mar 2011

Unlike the Titanic, the Liberals in their various rebirths have stayed afloat for the best part of a century since being struck by the working man's Labour Party.

  wids001 08:12 04 Mar 2011

The only important numbers are that Labour posted 14724 votes with a 36.5% turnout and a majority of 11771 this time around wherease at the election with a turnout of 56.5% they polled 17483 (just over 3000 more) with a smaller majority of 11693.

  morddwyd 08:41 04 Mar 2011

While bye=election results are notoriously poor indicators of future results, the fact that Labour increased its actual vote, not just its share, even in a party stronghold, on a vastly reduced turnout, is probably worrying for the other major party leaders.

  sunnystaines 09:14 04 Mar 2011

good to see the UKIP getting a good turnout, the three main parties are a let down at present, not sure if UKIP would be any better but I think we need a party that is more in touch.

surprised labour won, is barnsley is it a big unemployment area.

  interzone55 09:38 04 Mar 2011

It's very rare for the ruling party to win a by-election, so don't read too much into this result.

What does worry me is that UKIP came second, albeit with only a couple of thousand votes.

UKIP are just the BNP with a better marketing team...

  john 52 09:44 04 Mar 2011

fourm member

The political commentators will read a great deal into this result.

And Tory party members will come up with an excuse for the poor showing

LD activists will say what have you done Nick

  flycatcher1 10:35 04 Mar 2011

At last we have a recent ex-military fighting man in Parliament.
Makes a change from lawyers, bankers, lecturers, media people, political researchers and the like.
People who have no idea what real life is about.
At least he has been there and has the t-shirt.
Wish we could have some more never mind which party.

  sunnystaines 12:06 04 Mar 2011

finding all groups are a loss at present, con/libs are a disappointment, ed millband often comes on air with slurred speech not sure if he is a drinker like kennedy or just very nervous.

did not know UKIP were another racist yob lot like BNP but at least they want to stop the waste in the EU.

  peter99co 12:19 04 Mar 2011

This was for a referendum on deciding if the Welsh assembly should have direct law-making powers.

Bridgend 35.64%
Conwy 33.79%
Flintshire 29.4%
Merthyr 29%
Monmouthshire 35.83%
Neath Port Talbot 38%
Pembrokeshire 38.7%
Rhondda Cynon Taf 34.6%

Sick to death of MP's?

  jakimo 13:24 04 Mar 2011

Labour winning in a labour dominated area like Barnsley Central since 1983 should come as no surprise,if the previous labour MP had kept his hands out of the till he would still be the MP for Barnsley Central.
The Lib-Dems coming 6th is a punishment perhaps they deserve,for making pledges they never dreamt they would ever be asked to honour,but judgement of the coalition should be deferred until 2014 when it will be seen if their policies have succeeded or not,labour were given 13yrs of failure before they were removed

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