Good idea or not?

  Blackhat 18:13 07 Aug 2008

Should common misspellings be accepted as variants instead of mistakes?

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I don't think it is a lack of education, more of less focus on some subjects and more on others.

I would say that basic grammar is more important than accurate spelling.

  Pamy 18:17 07 Aug 2008

As a very poor speller myself, I would agrea with the proffessor. Who decided what the correct way was in the first place?

  mrwoowoo 18:29 07 Aug 2008

In that case why don't we accept 15 x 11 = 175?
Then instead of complaining about the state of the education system regarding mathematics,we can accept any near numerical mistakes as variants as well.
Complete madness.

  User2008 18:32 07 Aug 2008

When it comes to written language spelling is and was always the easiest part for me.

  Blackhat 18:37 07 Aug 2008

15 X 11 = 165, that is a fact but Mediaeval and Medieval are both accepted as correct.

I really dont think you can draw a comparison between the vageries of language and the accuracy of math.

  mrwoowoo 18:44 07 Aug 2008

Common misspellings are exactly that,misspellings.Once you start accepting them as correct,then where will it end.
Thin end of the wedge.

  rawprawn 18:48 07 Aug 2008

I do so wish that people would learn to spell properly. It is extremely difficult these days, particularly in view of the very many "Americanisms" and the overwhelming use of shortened words used in text messages.
However we should be proud that 90 % of the world regard English as "The" language most needed, and we should all try to make certain that it is spelled correctly.

  Forum Editor 18:52 07 Aug 2008

is the history of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I, and I have spent many a happy hour in the National archive, trawling through documents written during their reigns - and in some cases by them. What's interesting is the spelling; there are the same words we use today, but often the spelling is radically different, and sometimes the same word is spelt differently within a single document.

Once you're in the groove it becomes easier, and after a while you find yourself reading along quite happily - your brain seems to adjust automatically to the variations.

Language is our means of communication, and we're amazingly adept at adapting to changes - the meaning is apparent to us, even if words are spelt incorrectly and there's little attention to grammar. I like to see well-written text, with words spelt as they are in the dictionary, and everything grammatically correct, but it's a rare thing - very few people can write like that, or even want to write like that. We all have our little bad habits as far as writing is concerned, although many people don't like admitting to it.

To my mind it's a cop-out to excuse really bad spelling by saying it isn't important; it's very important to be able to spell well enough to make your writing truly readable. By that I mean that seriously bad spelling is a deterrent to the average reader - it distracts and detracts - and it's largely unnecessary, everyone in this country has access to a pretty high standard of education, and unless you have a physiological or psychological cognitive difficulty you should leave school being able to spell to an acceptable standard.

  Blackhat 19:24 07 Aug 2008

The word used was ‘variant’ not ‘correct’.

Where a difficult to spell word is used and written phonetically it can be easily interpreted, such as 'twelth' for 'twelfth'.

Text speak is absolute ignorance when used as the written word anywhere other than texting. Interestingly my spell checker gives ‘texting’ as wrong as well as texing. Just to add, I only found out last week that the spell checker on my office computer has been set on US English for at least 3 years.

  Pesala 19:38 07 Aug 2008

for those who haven't seen it before:

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  User2008 19:45 07 Aug 2008

We're are not talking about typing errors. Spelling mistakes are usually caused by leaving letters out, adding completely different ones in or both.

A recent spelling mistake from someone at work...

hapind instead of happened

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