Good Bye Royal mail

  zzzz999 10:12 12 Sep 2010

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Another 80s style asset sale. Goodbye rural deliveries, goodbye letters through the door, goodbye that lifeline for rural areas.

Still the spivs will make a killing. Vince how can you look yourself in the mirror.

  Forum Editor 10:58 12 Sep 2010

How come? Please explain how the sale of a business will result in spivs making a killing.

Unless something is done the mail service will collapse - delivering a letter to any address in the UK for the same charge, six days a week is not sustainable without public funding, and I'm astonished that anyone would think otherwise.

  zzzz999 11:18 12 Sep 2010

What you are doing is evincing the same Tory argument of "there is no alternative". But there is an alternative. There are a whole range of alternatives, including Labour's pre-election plan to half the pension deficit over four years. Even if more stringent cuts are needed, there are better ways to do it.

You cannot measure the worth of everything by looking at the bottom line. The value of the services that guarantee a standard of living and a basic sense of dignity cannot be valued in pound and pence. Education and Health, infrastructure like the Post Office and railways that connect remote parts of this country to its heart are absolutely worth paying for. They may make a loss on the balance sheet but they are not businesses. They are the threads that bind our society together and as such, they are worth paying for and investing in.

As usual, the Tories see the price of everything and the value of nothing. Left to their own devices, they will rip the county apart in a fit of ideological zeal.

Yes, cuts have to be made. The deficit has to be reduced. But not like this.

  zzzz999 11:20 12 Sep 2010

The Pension deficit will be left with the Public Sector.

The cost paid for the Royal Mail will not in the slightest reflect the true value let alone the basic asset value. Its how the tories always do it.

  sunnystaines 12:35 12 Sep 2010

if the post office blocked those junk leaflets they would have more time to deliver letters.

  lotvic 12:47 12 Sep 2010

The post office gets paid to deliver the junk leaflets (annoying as they are)

  zzzz999 13:12 12 Sep 2010

investment has already taken place in the post office (the public purse paid for it). The biggest problem facing the Royal mail are some of the most ham fisted incompetent management. A lack of Union co-operation is down in the main to recognising the poor poor quality management running Royal mail.

As for daily door delivery, why should it be done away with? And why in the name of God would you have the postman deliver you a wee key telling you to come and pick up a letter he could have posted instead of the wee key?

  spuds 13:15 12 Sep 2010

I recall seeing a television documentary a couple of years ago, about mail services here in the UK. No doubt this news is what the TNT's, UKMail et al have been waiting for. But I can see that the mail deliveries that we know of today, might become a selective mail service. and all the best pieces of the Royal Mail will be cherry picked. The rest will be left to the public (as pension funds) to resolve.

When we had the previous 'sell-out' by the government of the likes of utility companies, BT etc, many people, especially the commercial institutions became rich overnight, after the dust had settled. I wonder if the same procedures will occur this time.

I also recall when one of the private mail delivery companies tried door step deliveries in two areas of the UK, on a trial basis. The scheme was discontinued shortly after it commenced, because of the cost and lack of expertise in running a door step and non-bulk provision. I also recall the likes of some of the supermarket chains and garage forecourts who did or were contemplation installing drop-off and collect stations, similar to those in the USA. That scheme also seems to have hit the rails, because you don't seem to hear much about it nowadays!.

Even the Royal Mail considered trying the 'other outlet' method, but this seems to have gone as far as the 50p service, collecting from Post Offices. Even the Post Office services are under threat of eventual closures!.

Where I live there are a number of people working for the Royal Mail, and all of the people I speak with, have the same opinion regarding more mail, extra junk mail, less staff, and more unpaid hours. I know in my and my neighbours case, deliveries use to be about 8am and the second delivery at 11.30am (you could virtually set your watch). Nowadays its a case of asking neighbours if they have "had any mail yet", because deliveries, including hand delivered parcels can arrive anytime between 10am and recently 6.20pm. On the 6.20pm delivery, the postman was doing a double shift, to cover for back-logs and staff shortages.

Not a way to run a business perhaps, now whether it will get any better under privatisation, we will need to see the outcome of future discussions and what the bidding prices are etc. Strike maybe, and before Christmas?.

  wiz-king 13:22 12 Sep 2010

A good start would be to increase the stamp prices, ours are among the lowest in Europe. For a comparison click here

  Jameslayer 14:43 12 Sep 2010

Last time the torys were in power how many things did they privatise?

How many of these private companies are we happy with?

The royal mail make vast sums of money from junk mail as been mentioned. They also own part share in one of the biggest junk mail companys.

You cant measure all things in balance sheets as already been stated.

If pension debts were removed from royal mail how bad would the financies look then?

  ronalddonald 16:12 12 Sep 2010

once sold welcome to high postage rates, welcome to more costs to the general public as its a going concern to make a profit yet rip off the oap's.

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