Golf secret not all in the wrists

  peter99co 20:23 05 Nov 2008

One for the Golfers among us?

click here

After decades of research, the world may be closer to the perfect golf swing.

  Condom 20:45 05 Nov 2008

The trouble is that you would not be allowed to use the equipment on the golf course. I once played a round of golf on holiday with a chap who carried a range finder with him (strictlt taboo of course, no pun intended). He won but not because he had a rangefinder but because my aerosol golf was worse than his.

  natdoor 21:54 05 Nov 2008

A note to Rule 14.3 states that The Committee may make a Local Rule permitting the use of equipment to measure distance. This is new and there are satnav systems available whichcan be set up for the course beingplayed which will give distance to the hole and to hazards.

Although Henry Cotton recommended striking a tyre to strengthen wrists, I do not believe that he or any other expert suggested that the golf swing was all in the wrists. One frequently hears, after a weak shot, the exclamation "I slapped at it", meaning too much emphasis on trying to increase clubhead speed by use of the wrists. A much better thought is "do nothing with the hands" since the inertia of the club built up duting the downswing will cause correct movement of the wrists.

I did not think the article was particularly well written. I find it difficult to believe that Justin Rose had a major problem with his swing, as implied in the article.

  Condom 22:16 05 Nov 2008

I've lost touch a bit with the up to date rules as my back doesn't allow me to play as much as I would like in my senior years. The satnav doesn't quite seem like "cricket"

It was once said of my grand-dad that he went to bed one night as a short driver and woke up the next day as a long driver. The secret actually turned out to be his changing his stance away from being so upright with the ball so close to him and also using a club meant for a taller person.

He was seldom ever out driven again and won 5 open championships. I only met him a couple of times when I was very young but I have a feeling what he would think about such modern aids.

  rossgolf 22:42 05 Nov 2008

well, even if these people and their machine can perfect the golf swing, at the end of the day, were all human and wont be able to pull it off every shot will we?

  canarieslover 08:42 06 Nov 2008

From the way my son describes me when I'm playing I was certain it was all in the wrists.

  natdoor 08:58 06 Nov 2008

Much respect for your grandfather, even if the open championships were more local than The Open, US Open etc.

Have you tried to alleviate the back pain? I used to suffer and was diagnosed by a chiropractor as having a twisted pelvis. The treatment consisted of lying flat, face down with wedges under me on each side. One was under the hip bone and the other under the thigh bone on the opposite side. I figured that my spine/pelvis was twisted concluded that the pelvis waslower on the left sie. I now have an insert in my left shoe and have been pain-free for several years.

If you are interested, you can check the latest rules click here

One change made from 1/1/08 affects identification of a ball in a hazard. I have enciutered very few at the club who are aware of this change.

Good golfing and luck with the back pain,


  Bingalau 10:51 06 Nov 2008

canarieslover. I like it.

  Condom 17:43 06 Nov 2008

Thank you for these kind words about my late grand-dad. I understand he was quite a character in his day. And by the way I was talking about The Open. It was said of him that he could still play a round of golf under his age even when he became 80.

My back was a result of a bad parachute landing which compressed my spine a little. My doctor told me to try swimming or walking and as I found swimming boring I decided to try walking and walked with one of my friends round the local golf course. One day I asked him if I could hit a ball and so "I took up golf" My doctor's words are not printable here.

  The Brigadier 17:58 06 Nov 2008

This will not effect my swing as it's perfect already.
If i get round in under 100 thats a good round.
I once managed 10 over, but i had been drinking a nip on the course!!

  natdoor 21:10 06 Nov 2008

Well, I am lost in admiration!

I think we can eliminate Peter Thompson and Tom Watson. That leaves two of the Great Triumvirate and, hopefully without infringing your anonymity, I go for J. H. T., who lived to be almost 92. James Braid died at age 80 and nine months, so was less likely to play to his age in the few months before death.

I am surprised that you did not attempt golf at a younger age, in the circumstances. Would hanging by the hands from a bar or use of one of those inverting tables not ease a compressed spine?

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