Going BankRupt..

  Animalmagic 11:07 30 Sep 2008

My wife & i have seperated some time ago but we have still kept friends, shes about to file for bankrupcy but there is so many clause's on doing this that she's almost in tears,

she is studying at the local uni "Social policy & Criminoligy" & if she goes Bankrupt she will be forced to stop her studying & can never take that subject up again, This is a bit harsh i think do you agree or can you offer any info of help please?

  oresome 11:42 30 Sep 2008

I think your ex needs some help and support from someone experienced in these matters.

I would suggest the Citizens Advice Bureau as a first port of call.

  bjh 11:43 30 Sep 2008

Get her to talk to the University straight away. Let them know the circumstances in detail, and hide nothing. Most have hardship funds and, from experiences at the University where I teach part-time, they can often resolve the most complex issues. I'm not saying they will be able to, just that they should be able to offer help and advice.

Normally, regulations such as you mention apply to those who pull out of a course for less than serious reasons. Obviously, I cannot speak for her University.

Citizens Advice Bureaux may also offer excellent advice to people in debt. Again, total honesty and openness is essential.

It's good that you stand by her in this difficult time.

  Quickbeam 11:45 30 Sep 2008

Try here click here it was of great help to a friend.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:24 30 Sep 2008

click here has she spoken to these people? A friend of mine who got into serious financial difficulty due to BTL property, used them and they helped enormously. I am suprised that bankruptcy would preclude someone form studyiong at Uni though. I would go and see Citizen's Advice.

  spuds 12:52 30 Sep 2008

Like most have already pointed out, there is help available if you consider the options. The uni would or should have facilities available for help and support.Studying certain subjects and passing certain exams, something conflicts when people have a criminal record or file for bankruptcy.The uni should be able to resolve this issue. Citizens Advice or local Debt Consumer Advice Centre should also provide advice or contacts for more difficult cases before and perhaps after any events.

Some people start to suggest filing for bankruptcy when they may not need to, and possibly before seeking 'proper' help and advice. Always consult one of the usually free services that are available in most towns and city's.

If you have access to a local library, then a read of the 'straightforward guide'- Bankruptcy, Insolvency and the Law by David Marsh (£8.99) (ISBN 1 903909 93 7) might provide some help.

  Colin 13:08 30 Sep 2008

"she is studying at the local uni "Social policy & Criminology" & if she goes Bankrupt she will be forced to stop her studying & can never take that subject up again".

Are you sure that is correct? It's a common assumption that bankruptcy precludes people from doing many things but in reality the type of jobs/learning that is does preclude are quite low. Going bankrupt is not a criminal offence!

  Animalmagic 21:34 30 Sep 2008

MAny thankx for your replies!


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