God Bless the NHS.

  Snec 11:22 19 Feb 2012

I had been feeling rather lethargic for a couple of days. I took a blood pressure reading and it was very low but like most men I'm not one for rushing to the doctors for the slightest thing, and I would not have gone this time had my wife not insisted.

8th Dec 2011 -- At the surgery Sawbones took my blood pressure, said "that is low" then asked me to stand up whereupon the reading dropped a further 30 points. He prescribed iron tablets, filled in some forms and the journey began.

28Dec 2011 -- I underwent Endoscopy/Colonscopy at the Royal Derby Hospital. This must be the most unpleasant experience I've ever had. Afterwards I was shown photos of what looked like a field mushroom in my colon. In reality it was about the size of two thumbnails. Yes, it was cancer.

17Jan 2012 -- I had further tests and scans which showed the cancer had not spread and all my vital organs, lungs, liver, kidneys etc were clear.

09Jan 2012 -- The operation took place and the dodgy piece of colon was successfully removed.

I was out of hospital after four days but today is the first day I have felt strong enough to even contemplate firing up the computer. Being carved about does take it out of you.

I’ve seen complaints about the NHS but, for me, the whole thing has been fantastic. From the Doctors Surgery, feeling a bit out of sorts, to being operated on for a potential killer, in two months is quick by any standard.

The GP, the Consultants, the Nurses - everybody has been great.

God bless the NHS and all who sail in her.

  Forum Editor 11:43 19 Feb 2012

I'm sorry to hear about the cancer, but delighted to learn that you are safely through the surgery.

My experience of the NHS has - so far - been limited to routine stuff, but my wife had some surgery a while back, and her reaction was the same as yours.

  spuds 11:59 19 Feb 2012

Cancer appointments and surgery if required, is now a top urgency at most hospital's within the NHS. I had skin cancer (perhaps to long in hot suuny climes, and its now caught up with me?) and I fully appreciated how the NHS and my local hospital dealt with that. Had an appointment for surgery, but two weeks before the appointment date, I was contacted on a Saturday morning (10am), and told that someone had not turned up, if I wanted, they would fit me in later that day (12.15pm onwards). Absolutely great, from surgeon (who shared his herb tea with me) to all the staff concerned. Even the follow-ups were like a well organised exercise.

But having said all that, it would appear that the three local hospital's have come in for some heavy complaints recently, due to bed shortages and cancelled operations. People have been prepared and have been in the queue for surgery that day, only to be told it isn't going to happen that day. How three major hospital's can get in a 'last minute' bed shortage state, makes one think. But the hospital trust did overspend by a few £millions last year and previous years, and further new management teams, doesn't appear to have succeeded in resolving this issue!.

  birdface 12:58 19 Feb 2012

I must be the odd one out I always seem to get crap doctors or doctor.Straight forward operation and so far they have operated on 4 times and it still has not been done right.

I can understand why patients Sue hospitals because of some of the dreadful treatment.

Staff and nurses are as usual terrific but a terrible let down when it comes to doctors.

I refused to go back to see the Doctor who did most of the operations so have been put back a year before I can see another one.

Whether I go back or not is a different thing.

Snec it is amazing where they can put camera's nowadays.

Glad to see you on the road to recovery.

  Brumas 13:42 19 Feb 2012

Snec I wish you well and hope you have a stress/problem free convalescence.

  Nontek 14:09 19 Feb 2012

I too have nothing but praise for my local NHS hospital. A serious stroke some years ago was quickly sorted and happily I have almost fully recovered. A while after that a scan indicated the need for a bypass, so a artificial vein was inserted down one side of my body, thus avoiding an amputation. On 8th December 2011 had a heart attack, back to the hospital two stents fitted (one up on Prince Phillip), back home 12 days later - would you believe it, 29th December 2012 heart failure while at my GPs surgery, back to same hospital for another 12 days - more medication and now all is fine, after a few weeks of home-care, well on the mend now.

So my hearty (pun intended) thanks to all involved at NHS, and then some!!

  Nontek 14:11 19 Feb 2012

Oooops - 29th December 2012, should be 2011 of course!

  sunnystaines 15:41 19 Feb 2012

wish you well, most of the time we have had good service too

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:47 19 Feb 2012


Glad you had good service - here's hoping for a speedy recovery :0)

  badgery 16:02 19 Feb 2012


Best wishes, my family have a lot to thank the NHS for, too.

  Aitchbee 16:34 19 Feb 2012

Snec, your diary is a joy to read. I also had a very good experience exactly 1 year ago, when I had a minor op.

fm said - The NHS is run by people and there will always be some of those people who do not deliver the sort of service we'd all like to receive.

The Tory Government is running (ruining would be a better description) the NHS, and is going to wreck the NHS with it's 'reforms'.

The majority of GP's, Doctors, Nurses, NHS Unions and even some Tory MP's are against Mr Cameron's heavy-handed 'reforms'.

By not listening to the fears of the above health staff, as to what is the best way forward, for the NHS, Mr Cameron is demonstrating his total lack of judgement, and is only 'digging his own grave' as far as the result of the next election is concerned.

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