Goal post - confusing ... ???

  AroundAgain 00:21 23 Jun 2011

Seems a new fence has confused those who want to play footie ...

Goal Post

  zzzz999 04:49 23 Jun 2011

That must be so annoying at corners when you want a defender on each post

  interzone55 10:27 23 Jun 2011

I'm having serious trouble believing someone would be stupid enough to erect a fence through a goal mouth - there's something we're not being told here...

  Toneman 11:09 23 Jun 2011

I'm not having serious trouble. On the same BBC page is a link saying "why is homo sapiens the only servivor of several human species which developed", clearly homo sapiens is not the only one still extant...

  Toneman 15:28 23 Jun 2011

"survivor" perhaps I'm one too..

  knockin on 15:37 23 Jun 2011


How disappointing that the fence erectors (Homo Palingputupus?) didn't seek to check the fact that the goal position and fence location were incompatible.

Time and energy wasted; must be British homo ergaster.

  Condom 00:28 24 Jun 2011

Maybe it is a new idea by FIFA to stop spectators bribing goalkeepers :-))

  zzzz999 06:27 24 Jun 2011

Being generous, I wonder if the plan all along had been to build the fence and then relocate the goals afterwards.

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