Gmail spam increase?

  Phate 23:59 18 Sep 2005

Hello respectable forum members,

I have noticed that over the last couple of days the amount of junk mail deposited into my gmail spam folder has increased in what seems like an exponential fashion.

While I knew that this was inevitable (the gmail spam filter is working well at sorting this out btw) I was wondering if anybody else has noticed an increase?



  smokingbeagle 08:55 19 Sep 2005

No spam for me and I use it for all sorts of newsletter subscriptions and site registrations.

  VoG II 19:26 19 Sep 2005

My spam folder says

Hooray, no spam here!

and always has.

  Phate 07:28 20 Sep 2005

I guess it's just me then...

  amonra 14:35 21 Sep 2005

Yes I agree, my spam box contains dozens of ads for sex aids etc. I rarely use Google except for the odd sending of LARGE files. But having said that, their spam filter does a good job in removing all the trash.

  wee eddie 15:16 21 Sep 2005

I think it has something to do with who you do business with.

  sunny staines 15:50 21 Sep 2005

never had a poblem with spam on gmail its filtered into its own folder by gmail none has ever got throught.

  Phate 12:05 22 Sep 2005

lol. Read ur response with amusement.

My gmail account is used solely for business clients and the like...all my personal e-mails go to my hotmail account.

  wee eddie 16:34 22 Sep 2005

My G-mail A/c picks up virtually no Spam.

It is used fairly generally, but my two Hotmail accounts get a little (2 or 3 per day). Occasionally a business will sell it's Client Database to a third party. Sometimes it's a function of your name e.g. Whether the address is easy enough for the random addressers to pick up.

  gduell 20:40 17 Nov 2005

I too have recently experienced a phenomenal increase in gmail spam, often from the same source over and over. I get probably 20/day. It's almost like the spam filter is nonexistent. I didn't see any way to complain to them either.

  Forum Editor 21:29 17 Nov 2005

Both people are solicitors. One gets avalanches of spam, the other gets virtually none. Both of them are well-behaved, don't go trawling where they shouldn't, and to all intents and purposes are identical in their email habits.

It's a funny old world, but anyone who believed that Gmail would be spam-free forever was seriously deluding themselves.

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