Gmail, any advantages?

  octal 09:21 03 Jan 2005

I've seen lots of people giving away invites for Gmail accounts, so I thought I would be nosey and try and find out what it was all about: click here apart from a 1GB inbox I can't see any advantage at all, do people really keep emails for life?!!

It would be nice if you were able to use it as an 'on-line' drive to store files, similar to the 300MB lycos 'on-line' drive, now that I do find useful to be able to store files for use on computers in more than one location.

I'm probably missing the point yet again, that's what my wife says, as she raises her eyes to the ceiling in exasperation.

  Forum Editor 09:41 03 Jan 2005

Hardly anyone will ever fill a Gigabyte of space with meaningful email - it's a gimmick,and I must confess I've been surprised at the way people appear to have been falling over themselves to grab these 'accounts'.

Google isn't a charitable concern of course, and the whole idea from their point of view is to attract advertising revenue. As long as you appreciate that your email will be scanned for keywords so that you can be targeted by advertisers there's no harm in the scheme. As for storing files - surely nobody in their right mind would dream of using a relatively insecure mailserver for that - even if they could?

  octal 09:50 03 Jan 2005

"surely nobody in their right mind would dream of using a relatively insecure mailserver for that"

Quite right, most of my files are circuit diagrams and schematics that I'm working on and the odd photograph, probably a big yawn to most people if they could see them. No secure stuff at all.

  powerless 12:16 03 Jan 2005

You can use Gmail to store files and google appear to allow it but not for long I would think.

click here

  mbp 13:39 03 Jan 2005

Powerless, your link is very informative. and I think anyone who wants a Gmail should look at it.

However, how secure or how long term this space is available for such storage is a subject to be investigated.

Can we use Web Storage to unload our HDD safely?

  Arthur Scrimshaw 23:26 03 Jan 2005

Don't you think that by appearing to restrict availability by making it 'invitation only' Google have created the impression it is an exclusive product, which increases demand for it?

Like the FE I'm surprise people have fallen for such transparent hype.

  octal 15:51 04 Jan 2005

You could be right, the 'got to have' new gizzmo, because its by invitation only and there might not be another chance.

I must make a new years resolution and not be so cynical in my old age.

I'm sure it is of use to someone, I'd be interested to hear the other side of the coin from someone that actually has a meaningful use for it. Please tell?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:06 04 Jan 2005

I have a feeling that many of the 'advantages' are just a need to justify it....and yes, the 'invite only' is very clever marketing (as in Dyson) for the unwary. Outlook, DVD backups and Tiscali webmail are more than enough for most mortals.


  Charence 20:19 04 Jan 2005

Apart from the advantage of never having to worry about account space there are also other things. Such as the grouping of E-mails (conversation) which sorts out E-mails quite nicely. I also like how they've made replying so much easier, you just click on the box and start typing (not really advantage). If you leave your account inactive for 30 days, it won't be deleted, I think they allow 9 months which is more reasonable than the 30 days that others allow.

If you're worried about the "related adverts" then don't! I prefer the Google Adwords over the large colourful popups and banners that some other web based E-mails have. All their adverts are text based and you hardly notice them; they're related too so the adverts are more useful than ones that are on a completely random subject.

That's all I can think of at the moment.


  Charence 20:21 04 Jan 2005

It's really good how you can have an E-mail in 2 or more different labels (categories/folders) at the same time. E.g. 1 E-mail can be in a folder such as Newsletter and PCA and Computing at the same time, instead of just Newsletter or PCA, etc.


  7513 20:47 04 Jan 2005

I like it because you can log on anywhere and anyway my address was too long. I also have three invites in case anybody want one.

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