Global warming is a 'scam' ??

  Mark5001 13:52 27 Nov 2009

BBC News Question Time:
"Daily Mail columnist Melanie Phillips says there is no evidence of global warming and claims that global temperatures are going down not up. "

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Also The Washington Times tells the story.

All this is giving me a global headache. Who to believe !!

  canarieslover 14:07 27 Nov 2009

....In the 1970's there were headlines at one point that said that a new Ice Age was just around the corner. I am convinced that some of these research scientists do juggle the data to justify their funding, and if it enables the government of the day to raise even more taxes, need I say more?

  octal 14:22 27 Nov 2009

Who do you believe? No one, if you type in "no global warming" into Google you'll find this debate is nothing new, even the BBC reported it in the past. One of the things scientists haven't discovered yet is the Crystal Ball, until they do they are just surmising what is going to happen. I do wish they would stop going on about global warming and concentrate on the issue of reducing pollution without using global warming as the carrier to justify their measures to reduce pollution. Pollution will kill the human race off by sitting in our own self imposed fog long before global warming will.

  jack 15:19 27 Nov 2009

Climate is not, nor as ever been static.
It is always moving in one direction or another- temperatures up- temperatures down.
For short periods for long periods.
Climatologsts will tell us that through their research - how long a past 'Ice age laated' or an excessive dry period lasted.

What they cannot do or ever will do is to say for certain what the climate will do today tomorrow next year or in a hundred years- Whether any particular trend is going to be short or long.

As for CO2 emissions is another story altogether and there are those whos try to weave that agenda into the general climate story making opportunities for those so minded to make money with 'Carbon Trading'

  Mark5001 15:59 27 Nov 2009

We have had some serious quantities of rain since July-ish up here in Snowdonia. The last month has been horrendous with thunderstorms as well. This we are told is the work of El Ninio or La Nina I think they are. I wonder if this so called Global Warming has an effect on these as well. The weather has been strange all year, with a cold winter to come, in my opinion anyway. Lots of hail here over the last few days.

  folsom 16:18 27 Nov 2009

Mark5001, you committed the wickedest sin quoting from the Daily Mail, forum member goes all peculiar at the mere mention of it.........

  john bunyan 17:55 27 Nov 2009

A friend (a PhD in met and a professor in such things)says that there are historical and other cycles (eg volcanoes, solar activity etc) that affect weather cycles,but man's "pollution" is an additional factor that adds to the natural ones to a significant amount.The great majority of climate experts agree on this and highly qulified denyers are few.

  shellship 18:07 27 Nov 2009

"Highly qualified denyers are few" because global warming is the new religion and to speak against it is blasphemy, apparently. There are a few scientists brave enough to speak out against it but they get shouted down.

  Forum Editor 18:30 27 Nov 2009

but she has no formal scientific training. She's entitled to hold a view however, and she believes Global warming is 'utter rubbish'.

It's her view, and although I respect it I don't share it.

  Curio 19:42 27 Nov 2009

Mother Nature sneezes and we get her current set of 'germs'. Another sneeze and the 'germs' change.
Germs = Planet gets warmer/colder as requisite.

  folsom 19:57 27 Nov 2009

forum member ....

I wasn't debating the ladies credentials just the fact that whenever someone mentions an article in the Mail, you decry it outright just because it appears in this particular newspaper.

I would be very interested to learn which newspaper you read.

By the way, I do not take the Mail or any other daily rag, so I have no axe to grind either way.

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