Global Warming ...Or Not

  Mark5001 16:53 12 Feb 2008

Who to believe. Seems we are going to find out how brass monkeys feel!
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  Colin 17:15 12 Feb 2008

Global waming is so last year. That's why they call it climate change now as those that profess to know, don't.

  sunny staines 17:22 12 Feb 2008

all part of a cycle of ice age and not so cold age, as the poles shrink and grow. all this carbon footprint is rubbish i feel.

  User-1235809 17:23 12 Feb 2008

Oh dear, just when I was looking forward to us having the mediterranean type climate they have been promising us for years

  anskyber 17:36 12 Feb 2008

Of course it's nothing to do with the fact that reducing carbon emissions would not be in Russia's economic interests would it?

Tame scientist perhaps.

  lofty29 17:44 12 Feb 2008

This is just what a number of responsible scientist's, as opposed to scaremongers have been saying. mans efforts have very little effect on temperature other than on a purely local level, ie cities being warmer than the countryside.Also dont forget one of the major requirements for plant growth is the cardon di-oxide in the atmosphere, and one of the limiting factors has in the past been lack of CO2. And if we are entering a cooling period perhaps we should all be encouraged to generate more greenhouse gases to try and keep the planet warm. I am still convinced that gw has and is a bogeyman utilised for specilialsed interests, ie taxation and control

  skeletal 17:48 12 Feb 2008

Or, the “generally accepted” global warming disaster that we can only overcome by increasing taxation would have nothing to do with our economic interests..........

Duplicitous politicians and gullible public perhaps.


  Totally-braindead 18:32 12 Feb 2008

I wish they'd make their mind up. One minute (or decade anyway) they are saying the poles are melting and its getting warmer and it does seem to me to be the case. And now some scientist (and I notice theres only one person saying this so far) says that its going to get colder.

So whos right? Do we stop up on bathing costumes and sun block or thermal underwear?

  SB23 19:06 12 Feb 2008

I find all this interesting.

One documentary I watched a few weeks ago suggested that we do need to act now to try to slow down global warming.

A week later, another program was discussing ice core samples taken, and according to dates from these samples, they were suggesting that we are due another ice age, well in earth terms, very soon.

I'm all for trying to do my bit, but its difficult when the "people in the know" can't tell us for sure.

  anskyber 19:13 12 Feb 2008

Part of the problem is the issue of how global warming will manifest itself. there is a body of thought which talks in terms of global warming leading to what we see now, ie meltdown in the polar regions but it leading to another ice age.

The reason is the north Atlantic conveyor or the gulf stream as it is usually known. Once the colder waters come down from the Arctic though polar melting some scientists think (as has happened before) the conveyor is lowed to a stop. the warming effect ceases and we have another ice age.

You may not need the suntan cream after all.

  MCE2K5 20:31 12 Feb 2008

I'll get out my thermals then.

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