global warming is it now a myth

  sunny staines 02:08 21 Feb 2008

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I think the world goes through stages of hot and cold, just hoping the cold era of the middle ages does not return. All this green stuff about global warning does have some effect but I feel its greatly exaggerated.

looks like great britian got of lightly re the cold spells.

  mrwoowoo 02:33 21 Feb 2008

You are spot on.
The truth is that just like other scientific research and studies most are just educated guesses.The earth has always undergone periods of climatic change throughout history,swinging towards iceage and to periods of warming.
This climate change usually lasts about 40,000 years.
The sun also goes through major cycles of overheating and cooling due to increased solar flare activity etc which has more effect on the earth than a bit of co2 ever will.
Carbon dioxide accounts for less than ten percent of the greenhouse effect, as carbon dioxide's ability to absorb heat is quite limited.

Only about 0.03 percent of the Earth's atmosphere consists of carbon dioxide (nitrogen, oxygen, and argon constitute about 78 percent, 20 percent, and 0.93 percent of the atmosphere, respectively.

  sunny staines 04:47 21 Feb 2008

the earth blows hot & cold you could say lol

  octal 07:37 21 Feb 2008

I do wish the pundits would get their facts right, and that includes Ken Livingstone, it's climate change and not global warming. The truth is no one knows what is happening to the climate and that includes the pundits.

  jack 08:41 21 Feb 2008

The politico's and the media have to have a bat to bush us with- this year it is climate, last year its was Iraq and Islamic fundamentalists,, before that it was Aids,
Next week?
A gigantic asteroid heading this way to land in 2012
or some such-- so what
This is what I do not purchase a daily paper or listen to the like of Livingstone, Johnson, Brown
They have nothing useful or relevant to say.

  Quickbeam 08:50 21 Feb 2008

"This is what I do not purchase a daily paper or listen to the like of Livingstone, Johnson, Brown
They have nothing useful or relevant to say."

Does that make our opinions quite highly esteemed then...?

  lofty29 09:54 21 Feb 2008

Last time I posted on a similar subject, I got a bit slagged off, for stating that whilst I agreed that climate change was happening, as always happens, I considered the bogeyman that politicians were using to tax and bully us with man made global warming was rubbish, I still believe that, and I am glad someone else agrees with me

  Stuartli 11:14 21 Feb 2008

I've long been of the opinion, often voiced in these forums, that "global warming" is somewhat of a myth as it's always been around in between the cold spells...:-)

Interesting to note that because global warming doesn't quite truthfully cover the subject, it's gradually been converted to "climate change".

The UK's record hottest and coldest summers and winters were experienced long before the present crop of 4x4s, aircraft, ships etc were in use - in fact in the 1600s there used to be "Ice Fairs" on the River Thames.

I would suggest that the damage being done to large areas of the Amazon rain forest probably has more serious effect.

  ventanas 11:22 21 Feb 2008

At last, somebody who also sees deforestation as a cause of climate change. I've been voicing this opinion for ages, with very little attention being given.

It's common sense in my view - take away the means of removing carbon dioxide and replacing it with oxygen and what do you get?

And it's not just South America, parts of Asia such as Malaya are equally to blame. It's about time these countries were stopped, the problem is how. Timber export is the only earner for some, but that would just have to be hard luck.

Also as stated, climate change is nothing new. 40m years ago there were jungles at the poles. It comes down, as always, to three options - adapt, move or die.

  peter99co 11:59 21 Feb 2008

I have Googled the term Global Dimming and found that it is much more relevant to the times we live in. If we attempt to sort it out things will actually get worse in terms of Heat/Warming

  pj123 14:28 21 Feb 2008

I have always believed Global Warming is a myth.

Our star (the Sun) which gives us life on this planet is now around half way through it's life.

It is expanding and getting hotter all the time, so I think that is the cause of our "climate change".

It will eventually expand to such a size that it will engulf all of the 4 inner planets and we will be no more.

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