global warming

  noskralc 17:26 08 Dec 2010


so the emminent scientists have admitted they got it wrong on sea levels, the gulf stream,and the himalayan glaciers! ah but dont worry they've still got plenty of problems up their sleeve to keep the greens happy and all the green taxes flowing. Hmm RIGHT !!!!!! well just think how cold it would be now if it were'nt for global warming.bull**** seems to be the word that springs to mind.

  lotvic 17:33 08 Dec 2010

I am doing what I can for the global warming, I have got the central heating on and will switch the fire on for an hour or two after tea.

  gengiscant 17:35 08 Dec 2010

I think its called climate change now.

  shellship 18:30 08 Dec 2010

I think the eco-freaks believe that global warming is causing climate change.

  spuds 19:11 08 Dec 2010

I don't know about global warming, around our way at this present moment, its global freezing.

  ams4127 20:38 08 Dec 2010

Global warming? Bring it on!!

  PalaeoBill 22:14 08 Dec 2010

The problem is that the emminent scientists that make up the IPCC working groups are not all earth scientists. They included statisticians, social scientists, economists and engineers for a start, as well as politicians.

Peer reviewed papers from earth scientists are being interpreted by the working groups, and political decisions have clearly been made to use scare tactics and talk up the predicted effects. It is the 'government' bit in IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) that gives the clue on political interference.

If you read the peer reviewed papers written by earth scientists you will find the words 'could' and 'may' and 'suggests'. You also find the degree of error stated in calculations. In the case of sea level rise, the papers have always shown a wide range in the potential rise. It is the IPCC work group that stated the maximum figure and quietly forgot the minumum or put it in the small print.

What is being lost in all of this scientist bashing is that sea level is rising. Yes they have now halved the prediction but its still going up. The Greenland ice cap is still melting and the Earth as a whole is warming. The reason we are shivering whilst pretty much every one else is cooking is that the jet stream has moved, quite likely a product of climate change.

  interzone55 22:22 08 Dec 2010

It really doesn't matter what you call it, we're still going to run out of oil & gas in my lifetime if not yours, so it does nobody any good just wasting fuel.

Everyone needs to cut down on the use of fossil fuels, and the sooner the US & China realise this the better...

  skeletal 23:01 08 Dec 2010

“so the emminent scientists have admitted they got it wrong...”

Please rephrase to “A few eminent scientists have admitted they got it wrong, whilst plenty of others you never hear about are pleased they got it right...”

And “so it does nobody any good just wasting fuel...”: absolutely correct, and so are a whole load of other problems facing the human race that are getting side-tracked by the continual bleating about “man-made global warming”.

What I love about the recent cold weather (also no surprise to me) is that the COLD temperatures are now “proof” of global warming, whereas a few years ago we had “Children will never see snow again in England because winter temperatures will be much HIGHER due to global warming”.

And not forgetting water companies urging us to only plant draught resistant plants because all our summers will have almost no rainfall, due to global warming. And then recent wet summers and flooding are due to...

So, if the temperature goes up or down, it is dry or wet it is all my fault because I drive a car (or whatever).

Yes, some really good science going on here...


  PalaeoBill 08:38 09 Dec 2010

"man-made global warming"

How this idiotic phrase got into use I have no idea. What will be next, "man-made global warming by man, and by the way man did it".

"Global Warming" is a hypothesis which argues that the carbon dioxide produced by man is responsible for climate change. It is by definition man-made.

Some really good science is going on and has gone on, honestly. It is just that the results have been hijacked and twisted, and presented to us with scare tactics.

Yes its all your fault :-) How dare you drive a car. I bet you turn your central heating on in the winter too ;-)

  morddwyd 10:10 09 Dec 2010

Simply stop eating meat.

There are other studies which show that one of the biggest contributors to global warming is methane from cows.

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